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Citrix Launches Citrix® Analytics for Performance
January 14, 2020 News


Analysing system performance was all about monitoring speeds and feeds in the old days. Nowadays, understanding the user experience (UX) is very important. In order to help companies achieve this, Citrix Systems, Inc., has announced the launch of Citrix® Analytics for Performance, a next-generation service that goes beyond expectations in monitoring server-side infrastructure, and enables IT administrators to identify any performance issues on individual user level and confront them to ensure a superior experience that engages employees and keeps them happy and productive.

Steve Wilson, Vice President of Product for Workspace Ecosystem and Analytics, Citrix said “Modern employees expect consumer-like experiences in how they access their enterprise applications. And they have zero tolerance for poor system performance that slows them down. With Citrix Analytics for Performance, IT can gain a clear view into the end-user’s experience and the health of the apps they rely on within Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to provide a consistent, reliable experience that drives increased satisfaction and improved productivity.”


Improving the UX

When using a proprietary machine learning engine that integrates real-time telemetry from Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Analytics for Performance quantifies a user’s experience into a unique “UX Score,” to note that not just machine performance, but also items that impact application access like user logon time, network latency and even network stability. With this score, IT administrators can:

  • Quickly uncover performance degradation and identify root causes
  • Reduce help desk calls related to application performance issues
  • Easily identify groups of users or specific business locations experiencing poor performance
  • Track performance trends and user experience anomalies
  • Effectively scale environments based on actual usage and load
  • Holistically assess and report on system performance and user experience


“Insight and intelligence into the user experience is critical as businesses provide secure and consistent access to applications and data across any device,” said Mark Bowker, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Key to providing this seamless experience is having continuous visibility into network systems and applications to quickly spot and mitigate issues before they affect productivity.”