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Citrix Workspace is Available for Google Cloud
December 17, 2019 News


Citrix Systems, Inc. believes in expanding the flexibility and choice it gives to companies to enable a superior digital work experience. Citrix Systems, Inc. announced the availability of Citrix® Workspace™ for Google Cloud. Companies are able to deliver unified access to the G Suite apps employees need and prefer to utilise and fuel a simple, intelligent experience that benefits engagement and productivity.

“When it comes to work today, employees don’t want to be distracted by technology. They want to be empowered by it to do their best work,” said Calvin Hsu, Vice President, Product Marketing, Citrix. “With Citrix Workspace, companies can quiet the digital noise that’s frustrating employees and enable them to focus on work that matters and thrive.”

“We’re delighted that Citrix’s Workspace platform is now available to the millions of customers using G Suite around the world,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “By integrating with and extending G Suite, Citrix is providing new ways to help customers get work done in a more streamlined collaborative way.”


A Better Way to Work

Citrix Workspace is a unified, secure and intelligent work platform that shapes the employee experience by organising, guiding, and automating all activities that help people perform at their best. Leading companies that use Google Cloud enhanced this for efficient and effective performance.

Mari Wasström, IT Solutions Service Management Lead, Neste Oyj has said that “With the Citrix Workspace on Google Cloud, we can create a unified work experience where people can focus on creating value. And that has a tremendous effect on efficiency and employee satisfaction.”


A Productivity Powerhouse

 The latest release of Citrix Workspace enables Google Cloud customers to be able to include the G Suite tools that they prefer to use in their intelligent work feed and deliver productivity-boosting, time-saving microapps that incorporate many workflows by automating and simplifying regular tasks within minutes. Microapps for G Suite can be used to streamline everything from booking resources to sending event reminders and notifications to new team members. Through an easy-to-use microapp builder, companies can customize Citrix Workspace to accommodate their unique processes and needs.


Modern App Development for a Hybrid Cloud World

Using Google Cloud’s Anthos for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, companies can build microservices applications and run them anywhere. With the validation of Citrix ADC™ for Anthos, customers can integrate Citrix ADCs, including MPX, VPX and CPX, into Anthos with confidence and maintain operational and policy consistency between on-prem and cloud environments to ease application migration. They can also use Citrix ADM Service Graphs to visualize microservice maps, gain insights about microservice health and detect anomalies and potential problems.


Enterprise-Grade VDI

And using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Machine Creation Service (MCS), IT can quickly and efficiently provision Windows-based Citrix workloads at scale and create a modern digital work environment in which employees can access all of the tools they need to collaborate and perform at their best.

“We run all of our IT in the cloud, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the platforms we use,” said Ulrik Christensen, Principal Infrastructure Engineer at Oncology Venture. “With Citrix Machine Creation Service, our administrators can easily create and update images for workloads. All they need to do is boot up the image and make the requested changes, then shut down the image, create a snapshot, and update things from Citrix Studio. It saves us a great deal of time is the perfect technology to keep things running.”