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C&J Energy Services Deploys New Oil and Gas Big Data Platform Using MapR on Microsoft Azure


MapR Technologies, Inc., the provider of the Converged Data Platform that converges the essential data management and application processing technologies on a single, horizontally scalable platform, announced that C&J Energy Services has successfully implemented the MapR Converged Data Platform running on Microsoft Azure to support its legacy financial systems decommisioning.

Working closely with Sullexis, a leading systems integrator with expertise in the oil and gas industry, C&J has archived data from seven legacy ERPs and enabled business reporting against the historical data to support compliance, regulatory, and business needs. Using MapR for this initiative proved to be significantly cheaper and faster than traditional methods of maintaining these systems or archiving to data warehouse.

Key criteria for selecting the MapR Converged Data Platform hosted on Microsoft Azure included the ability to operate at scale, safeguard data, and provide consistent uptime. C&J also uses Apache Drill to quickly and easily tap into the historical ERP data and make it accessible for analysis via familiar BI tools, like Microsoft SSRS and SAP Lumira.

“The MapR platform had significantly lower upfront costs and required relatively lower skilled labor to deploy. The platform provides the ability to merge structured and unstructured data, and makes data available to our users through our existing BI tools. Further, the solution will serve as our core data and analystics platform for any future big data opportunties,” said Steven Carter, CIO, C&J Energy Services.

“The interoperability between MapR and Azure provided a unique data platform in the cloud that was essential to help us unlock savings for C&J,” said Tim Morgan, managing partner, Sullexis. “We see big potential in helping other clients reduce their IT OPEX spend by re-platforming existing requirements to MapR’s lower cost offering.” Going forward, C&J sees the MapR environment as being a significant platform for innovation and has already already deployed a more typical big data use case that has looked at pump data to help support vendor warranty claims.”

Sullexis and Microsoft are part of the recently announced MapR Converge Partners program, which provides partners the technical and go-to-market resources necessary to jointly deliver outstanding customer experiences and address growing demand for the MapR Platform. The Converge Partners program focuses on nurturing alliances worldwide with select consultancies, platform and software providers, resellers, and distributors.

“The MapR Converged Data Platform is an optimal solution for oil and gas customers looking to transform their businesses by better utilising their data,” said Jack Norris, senior vice president, data and applications, MapR Technologies. “By choosing MapR, C&J got a platform that could address a very aggressive operational efficiency strategy right away, but also serve as the analytics platform of the future.”

“The MapR Converge Partners program made it easy to pull together the required technology and integration partners and deploy on Microsoft Azure,” said Caglayan Arkan, general manager, Worldwide Manufacturing and Resources at Microsoft Corp. “As companies continue to migrate from existing systems to the cloud, we are committed to continuous innovation to make Azure the best cloud platform for running hyperscale big data projects.”

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