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Claro Enterprise Solutions Now Offering IoT-Enabled RTLS+ Solutions
August 19, 2021 News


Claro Enterprise Solutions, a leading global technology services company, recently announced the launch of RTLS+, an IoT-enabled suite of real-time location solutions that addresses critical business problems related to identifying, analysing and tracking assets and equipment.

Leveraging a cloud-based platform that integrates advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), video analytics, location tracking, ID and network technologies, RTLS+ enables detailed oversight of a wide range of business assets, operations and activity. Functionality is enhanced by 24×7 customer care, comprehensive alert/notification services, automated configuration and ruggedised components.

“Solving specific business problems is critical to the effective deployment of Internet of Things initiatives”, said Mark Popolano, Managing Director of Business Innovation at Claro Enterprise Solutions. “RTLS+ identifies different types of assets, as well as closely tracks the location and movement of those assets. Those foundational capabilities have a wide range of applications that improve efficiency and enhance safety, compliance and customer experiences”.

RTLS+ is designed to address healthcare, commercial and industrial requirements. In hospitals (an initial area of focus), RTLS+ applies smart video analytics, geo-fencing and beacons to accurately identify and monitor the location and movement of equipment such as ventilators or MRI machines within a facility. Geo-fencing defines zones within a facility, so that when a mobile ventilator crosses a geo-fenced border, an alert is issued identifying the asset as well as the precise location of the breach.  Assets are tagged with low-cost QR codes and beacons, bypassing the need for more expensive RFID-based solutions.

In addition, RTLS+ locates and identifies stationary assets, monitors assets in motion and collects data on asset utilisation and maintenance history. AI and ML capabilities support smart video analytics to offer a competitive advantage.  Another key benefit: Solutions are easy to deploy and can be integrated with existing video equipment without encroaching on hospital networks and information systems.

In commercial settings, RTLS+ can help auto dealers manage large inventories of vehicles, monitor after-hours activity and scan license plates to identify key customers. For retailers, smart cameras enhance security, while heat maps detail where and how customers spend their time in a store. This sheds light into buyer interests and tracks peaks and valleys in foot traffic over time.  Industrial environments such as airports and factories can leverage RTLS+ to identify individuals via facial recognition, or quickly locate forklifts in massive warehouses.

“Many IoT initiatives are aimed at vague, high-level objectives, and as a result often fail to deliver ROI”, said Popolano. “By focusing solutions on specifically defined and quantifiable business problems, RTLS+ drives measurable results and enables leaders to build organisational support for a comprehensive IoT strategy”.