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ClearSky Data Assists Global Provider of AI Solutions with Streamlining Infrastructure


ClearSky Data, provider of on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and DR as a service, today announced that Nuance Communications, a leader in conversational AI innovations, is transitioning its current storage infrastructure to ClearSky’s on-demand, hybrid cloud service. With a focus on reducing its on-premise storage footprint and costs while ensuring data is protected and instantly recoverable, Nuance chose ClearSky to facilitate a rapid infrastructure consolidation and deliver on-demand storage with complete data protection.

Data center consolidation is a challenge for many enterprises, who constantly need to maintain and optimize the legacy infrastructure they’ve amassed through organic growth or acquisition. By leveraging the ClearSky service, Nuance gains a more agile development environment with complete data protection. This shift to a hybrid-cloud service model will reduce the company’s investment in storage costs and improve service quality for its developer teams.

“As Nuance has grown, we’ve increased our infrastructure footprint globally,” said Craig Preston, Vice President of IT, Nuance Communications. “ClearSky gives us a single, durable copy of our data – complete with instant protection and value – through an on-demand consumption model that allows us to scale as needed.”

The ClearSky service automatically distributes data across a network of geographically distributed locations. Hot data is cached at the edge, in the ClearSky architecture and near Nuance applications. Warm data is cached in a ClearSky point of presence (PoP) within 120 miles, and all data, the vast majority of which is cold or archival, is stored in multiple locations in the public cloud. Nuance also benefits from ClearSky’s ability to eliminate the costs and equipment required for secondary storage, as it provides automated and instant backup and availability for DR without the need for replication.

“IT departments continue to seek out technology that eliminates a tremendous amount of the complexity and cost found in traditional, CapEx-intensive, on-premise data centers,” said Ellen Rubin, CEO and co-founder of ClearSky Data. “ClearSky’s hybrid approach enables companies like Nuance to never deal with backups again and gets them to the cloud quickly and efficiently.”