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Cleo CEO, CTO to Share Big Data Production Implementation Tips at Annual Symposium


Cleo, a global leader in managed file transfer and multi-enterprise integration solutions, returns to Detroit this week to sponsor and speak at the 2017 Big Data & Business Analytics symposium at Wayne State University.

The annual event, which is hosted by Wayne State’s Big Data & Business Analytics Group and runs Thursday and Friday, March 23 and 24, brings together industry experts to exchange insights on big data strategies and best practices to drive business growth. The itinerary includes panels, tutorials, and case studies on processing, analytics, platform, and cloud strategies that successfully integrate, manage, and analyze the massive volumes of data captured in a global business ecosystem.

Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., on Friday will join representatives from such companies as Ford Motor Co., General Motors, LexisNexis, and MasterCard on the panel for “Getting Your Organization’s Big Data and Business Analytics Initiatives Right.” Rajasekharan says the importance of line-of-business alignment and integrating fundamentally distributed architectures for big data projects cannot be understated.

“We too often see companies begin complex big data and digital transformation projects without a clear strategy to operationalize them,” Rajasekharan said. “Businesses green-light these projects without the right data fabric and integration tools with self-service capabilities, automation, and industrial-strength scaling to mobilize these projects. But having a forum for these discussions at great events like this one will help educate project managers and ultimately enable more future big data successes.”

Also Friday, Cleo CTO John Thielens will present “When Big Data Ingestion Gets Complicated: Case Studies in Global and Multi-Enterprise Ingestion” during the afternoon use-case sessions. Thielens will discuss how the seemingly impossible task of integrating people, systems, and partner communities is actually possible, with the right B2B-led technology that can scale with the business.

“The allure of big data insights is what companies tend to focus on, but the wildly non-linear integration demands from start to finish induce many sleepless nights for infrastructure teams well before those benefits are realized,” Thielens said. “Successful big data integration within today’s hyper-connected organization starts with reliable and unobstructed data flows across multiple enterprises, something our customers can confidently say the Cleo Integration Suite foundationally delivers.”

“This week represents a culmination of sorts for professionals across industries to learn how next-generation tools, emerging technologies, and strategic processes are driving critical big data initiatives,” said Ratna Babu Chinnam, professor and co-director of the Wayne State University Big Data & Business Analytics Group. “Cleo has been a first-rate sponsor and speaker at this event for years, and we look forward to again tapping the company’s vast expertise in integrating disparate information sources for modern big data initiatives.”

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