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ClickFox Chooses Zoomdata for Big Data Visualization to Help Customers Drive More Revenue and Improve Service


ClickFox announced today that it has chosen Zoomdata, developers of the world’s fastest visual analytics platform for big data, as the embedded data visualization solution for their product line, to better surface business opportunities from customer experience insights.

As customer journey use cases are analyzed and unique metrics emerge, such as channel of choice or channel hops, there needs to be a fast and intuitive way to visualize and drill into these metrics and transform them into actionable insights. ClickFox already delivers deep journey analytics capabilities, but customers want to see these unique journey metrics in convenient, interactive dashboards. Rather than building and maintaining its own visualizations, ClickFox turned to Zoomdata.

“ClickFox connects an enormous amount of journeys, the sequenced events along with business context about what a customer is trying to accomplish, for our clients,” according to Al Mays, Chief Product Officer at ClickFox. “As we’ve refreshed our technology stack to keep up with big data demands, it didn’t make sense to build our own dashboarding solution from scratch. Zoomdata gave us an option to easily integrate an enterprise-scale solution that uses best-in-class technology to present visualizations and calculations on an absurd amount of customer journey data in seconds.”

ClickFox is the pioneer and industry leader in advanced journey analytics and providing journey data to the entire enterprise. ClickFox visually displays journeys as layered maps for easily examining the direct impact of journeys on business outcomes. View top journeys, unique journeys, drop-off points and next-step activity in any timeframe. Business users are given the ability to define and categorize journeys for easy analysis and communication across the enterprise.

“Businesses often struggle with fine-tuning customer interaction for maximum profitability and customer satisfaction. What makes them drop from a web site? What makes them call a representative?” said Nick Halsey, Chief Marketing Officer of Zoomdata. “ClickFox has a unique way to track these customer journeys, find the sticking points and then do something about it. By integrating Zoomdata’s big data visualization platform into ClickFox’ Hadoop-based data stack, ClickFox customers can quickly and easily see what is working and what is not.”

Zoomdata is an open platform that provides visual analytics solutions for big data. Natively architected for both cloud and on-premises deployments, its microservices architecture delivers visual analysis of big datasets in seconds. Zoomdata’s patented Data Sharpening™ technology delivers the industry’s fastest visual analytics for real-time streaming and historical data. Zoomdata’s streaming architecture makes this possible by using Apache Spark as a complementary high performance engine. Zoomdata Fusion enables users to perform analytics across disparate data sources in a single view — without the need to move or transform data.

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