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Cloud-Based Big Data Warehouses Deliver Unparalleled Benefits for Healthcare
July 13, 2016 News

(BUSINESS WIRE)–PHEMI, developer of enterprise-grade big data privacy, governance, and management solutions, today released a new white paper, Healthcare Big Data Warehouse in the Cloud. Produced in conjunction with healthcare cloud computing firm, ClearDATA, the white paper illustrates the benefits cloud-based big data warehouses offer healthcare organizations.

“Healthcare organizations aiming to use all of their data face multiple disparate data silos, which frequently impedes their ability to locate, access, protect, and derive meaningful insights from that data. By combining big data solutions that address governance and privacy concerns and consolidate all types of data, with cloud solutions designed for Healthcare, IT organizations can minimize complexity, and achieve significant bottom-line benefits,” said Adam Lorant, vice president, product and solutions, PHEMI. “This white paper shows why it’s time to bring the speed, scale, and economics of the cloud to healthcare data, enabling organizations to both uncover actionable insights faster, and ensuring the governance and privacy protections essential to this industry.“

Data has become increasingly important to clinical, diagnostic, financial, and research operations, as well as for precision medicine and value-based care initiatives. Modern cloud-based big data solutions incorporate innovative mechanisms simplifying privacy and governance, automating de-identification of Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with Safe Harbor guidelines and the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) framework.

Healthcare Big Data Warehouse in the Cloud reveals how implementing a cost-efficient cloud-based big data warehouse solution accelerates research and analytics activities, allowing data to reach researchers and other users quicker, while maintaining data privacy, security, and governance. The 13-page white paper also explores key challenges, the need to balance privacy and data utility, and a checklist of considerations for selecting a provider.

“Compared with on-premise solutions, cloud-based big data solutions like PHEMI Central in the Cloud and ClearDATA’s Dynamic Cloud Platform for AWS provide significant advantages and quantifiable benefits, as detailed in the white paper,” said Scott Whyte, SVP Growth & Innovation, ClearDATA. “Healthcare organizations implementing big data cloud technologies can realize reductions in infrastructure capital costs and a shorter time-to-insight cycle, in turn optimizing clinical operations and improving quality of care.”

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