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Cloudera and Fusionex Break Boundaries with Upgraded Big Data and Analytics Offerings


Expands existing strategic partnership alliance and furthers go-to-market strategy across Asia Pacific with new Fusionex Big Data Analytics software (VISION)

STRATA+HADOOP WORLD SINGAPORE, December 8, 2016 — Cloudera, the global provider of the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics platform built on the latest open source technologies, and Fusionex, a leading international provider specializing in Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a deepening of their existing partnership and a significant enhancement of Big Data offerings with the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Fusionex VISION, Fusionex’s innovative software that enables customers from any background, position, and industry, to further streamline, analyze, and discover real-time insights with data.

Earlier this year, Fusionex integrated GIANT, the company’s pioneer big data analytics software, with Cloudera’s platform, Cloudera Enterprise, for a faster, more powerful, secure, precise, and personalized data analytics and cognitive computing solution.

Taking this integration with Cloudera Enterprise to the next level, Fusionex VISION features key enhancements from its predecessor, including powerful search-driven analytics, substantially richer visualization that includes user-friendly and intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities, Natural Language Processing (NLP), enhanced security features, powerful machine learning, as well as key components of artificial intelligence (AI) that customers are increasingly in need of in this digital era.

Using big data for business advantage remains a crucial business imperative, according to the IDC Worldwide Big Data and Analytics Prediction 2016, enabling organizations to deliver data rich insights that can drive an estimated $430 billion in productivity gains over their less analytically oriented peers by 2020. With a powerful partnership between two technology giants, Cloudera and Fusionex, customers can now enjoy Fusionex VISION with several enhancements from the software’s predecessor, Fusionex GIANT.

Daniel Ng, Senior Director, APAC, Cloudera commented: “Harnessing the power of Big Data is crucial in moving from a data-rich to an insights-driven environment for businesses today. The Cloudera and Fusionex collaboration sits within our broader business strategy of developing our industry ecosystem, offering valued partners such as Fusionex access to Cloudera’s product development, engineering, market intelligence, and research and development teams, so we can respond more effectively to customer needs through a powerful go-to-market strategy that paves the way for organizations looking for solutions that expand beyond Big Data.”

Isaac Jacob, Fusionex Senior Vice President, Products & Solutions, commented: “Working with Cloudera, Fusionex VISION provides our customers with a humanized version of Big Data Analytics for all levels and roles in an organization. With the new and vastly improved, user-friendly interface as well as VISION’s engaging platform, virtually anyone with a passion for insights can accurately harness the power of data to drive business growth.”

Fusionex VISION, despite being only in CTP mode, has already garnered significant demand and has been adopted in many organizations from several industries, with a particularly strong uptake in the retail, financial services, travel, hospitality, and tourism industries. For instance, a hotel can use data collected over the past year
to predict customer behavior of travelers for targeted marketing and enhanced service offerings. A hypermarket can understand historical buying patterns, identify weaknesses and opportunities, and predict future patterns to chart out impactful and effective campaigns.

One satisfied customer, Liam Smith, Managing Director, CCMS Group commented: “We found Fusionex [VISION] to have a very easy to use, intuitive interface, and was easy to learn. It puts the power of Big Data into the hands of the business owner and business manager, without having to send them all on training courses and experience a learning curve that usually takes a minimum of six months!”

The strategic collaboration between US-based Cloudera and UK-listed Fusionex is set to see exciting growth and adoption, and these new improvements will only enhance holistic offerings to new and existing clients as well as broaden market expansion and new product offerings across the globe.