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Cloudwise Inks Cooperation Agreement with HUAWEI CLOUD to Promote AIOps in International Markets
February 5, 2021 News


Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) solution provider, Cloudwise, signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei to develop and market professional AIOps solutions for users in international markets. Lu Yanping, General Manager of HUAWEI CLOUD Asia Pacific Ecosystem, and David Liu, President of Cloudwise, attended the signing ceremony and signed the agreement.

The digital transformation of every industry is not possible without cloud or IT operations and management. Cloud is the foundation of digital transformation. HUAWEI CLOUD provides full-stack cloud infrastructure, a robust ecosystem, and local support services to help a large number of enterprises in China accelerate digital transformation outside of China and develop innovative solutions and services for customers in constantly evolving markets.

Traditional IT operations and management are based on a collection of independent tools, a series of fixed rules, and users’ experience. Data processing and real-time analysis is weak. When there are issues, identifying root causes is difficult. Enterprises need real-time data processing, intelligent analysis and prediction. They need multidimensional root cause analysis, and they need it to be efficient.

This collaborative project between Cloudwise and HUAWEI CLOUD will provide robust, high-quality, and AIOps solutions and services for Internet, e-commerce, logistics, and other customers outside China. Cloudwise will continue working with HUAWEI CLOUD to innovate and promote AIOps products in more scenarios and create more value for customers.

The agreement outlines three main goals:

  • The HUAWEI CLOUD platform will be used outside China as a foundation for Cloudwise.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD will provide technical support, marketing support, and service support to help Cloudwise operate in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and throughout Southeast Asia.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace will provide users with Cloudwise’s AIOps products. Cloudwise has already launched Synthetic Monitoring, a proactive, end-to-end IT performance monitoring platform, on HUAWEI CLOUD marketplace. With more than 300 monitoring nodes distributed around the world, this product provides 24/7 monitoring of user experience and IT performance for websites, mobile apps, APIs, and infrastructure. Synthetic Monitoring helps enterprises accurately monitor application performance, detect faults and identify performance bottlenecks in a timely manner.

David Liu, President of Cloudwise, said, “In recent years, Cloudwise has been continuously improving its technical strength, enriching its service systems, and seeking active cooperation with external parties. With our robust experience and product strength in the domestic market, we are confident we will make significant progress in the broader international market. Comprehensive cooperation with HUAWEI CLOUD will be a tremendous help in terms of market expansion, solution development, and service capabilities in the local market. With years of experience in markets outside China, HUAWEI CLOUD is well positioned to use Cloudwise’s solutions to provide efficient AIOps products for the local market and enable long-term, continuous digital transformation.”

Lu Yanping, General Manager of HUAWEI CLOUD Asia Pacific Ecosystem, stated, “HUAWEI CLOUD Asia Pacific is providing enterprises with stable, reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud platforms for empowering applications, harnessing the value of data, and accelerating digital transformation of every industry. We are also joining hands with Chinese ecosystem partners such as Cloudwise to build an industry-oriented ecosystem to deliver more value to customers.”