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Computerlogy banks on gains from social media analytic tool


Social Enable 4.0 marks improvement in how users can analyse big data from social networks

Computerlogy has launched a new social-network analytic tool called Social Enable 4.0, which encompasses the Thai company’s five-year expertise in social-media solutions.

In doing so, the company has totally rebuilt its Social Enable solution after collecting feedback from users and information on customers’ requirements.

Vachara Aemavat, co-founder and chief executive officer of Computerlogy, said Social Enable 4.0 was very much a social-analytic platform, and not simply a social listening tool that offered statistical data.

 Social Enable 4.0 can analyse big data from social media in the ways users require, he added.

“It is real analytics, it is an analytic tool allowing customers to create their resources. We also retain the provision of report tools, from measurable key performance indicators, and this makes Social Enable 4.0 smarter,” Vachara said.

Moreover, customers can customise their formulas to monitor social media, via a paid, owned and earned platform.

Importantly, the new version allows users to easily monitor social media via a mobile device, the CEO said.

“We spent almost a year in developing Social Enable 4.0 from zero,” he added.

Social Enable 4.0 comes with a Social Enable store and is set to be “the tool of the tool” – social-media analytics – that allows all kinds of users, marketers, PR staff and businesses to create their own social-media-tool platforms for consumer insights, he explained.

“We have built the tool of the tool [social-media analytics]. From now on, we provide a total social media solution, which is not only social-media monitoring and social-media listening,” he said.

A monthly subscription fee is charged for the new product, in accordance with the modules used and number of users.

“It is flexible and easy to use, customers will be trained and supported,” the CEO said, adding that the company would help convert its existing customers to move to using the new version.

“We will help [customers] follow one after another to implement the new version. Our customer service teams provide assistance to the 100 concurrent users per day, with 50 brands as customers,” Vachara said.

Today, there are three social-media-tool service providers, but with the new Social Enable 4.0, he is very confident that Computerlogy will become the market leader.

In the past, the company was focused on the telecommunications and banking industries, but it will now expand into additional market segments, increasing its teams in order to do so.

Moreover, Computerlogy this year will be turned into the development hub in Southeast Asia for Yello Digital Marketing, the South Korea-based digital marketing group which now has a majority stake in the Thai firm.

It is building a developers’ community in Sri Racha, in Chon Buri province, in line with the government’s project to establish the Digital Innovation Park in the district.

“We now have 40 developers, and to be the development hub, we aim to have total 80 developers,” Computerlogy’s co-founder said.

There are also plans to have a data-alliance platform to connect all data, with such a platform connected with Korean development teams who are developing solutions in the fields of recommendation engines and machine learning, he said.

“This year, we will focus on expanding in technology development. Last year, our revenue grew by 43 per cent,” Vachara added.