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Connectivity Global launches AI email security solution in Singapore


Singapore-based company Connectivity Global Pte. Ltd., has launched Receive GUARD, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled email security solution in Singapore. Connectivity Global has partnered with Microsoft distributor Innovix, which has 5,500 resellers across SingaporeMalaysia and Hong Kong. Receive GUARD is hosted on Microsoft Azure platform and is compatible with Microsoft Office 365. Receive GUARD was previously deployed as an on-premises solution in South Korea through Kiwontecha member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre.

By leveraging on key features such as AI-enabled machine learning, multiple virtual areas, and image conversion, this AI enabled security system solution that Connectivity Global Pte. Ltd. is bringing to the regional market will provide comprehensive protection against business email attacks.

Specifically, the solution will help users filter against any spam emails, phishing emails, and malware including yet-to-be-identified viruses that they will receive in their inboxes. This includes falsified emails that many other email security solutions are unable to detect. Additionally, if the email text body contains any malicious links, it will be converted into an image. This will alleviate the risk of users unintentionally opening the document or clicking on the links that contain any malicious code.

By offering Receive GUARD as a cloud solution, Connectivity Global Pte. Ltd. aims to make Receive GUARD accessible to small medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore. They plan to launch in several Southeast Asian countries within the next few months.