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CrowdStrike and UiPath Partner to Secure Robot-Led Processes with First of Its Kind Integration
October 8, 2021 News


UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, and CrowdStrike Inc., a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection, announced recently that the companies have partnered to deliver a new level of security protection and visibility with the UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform and the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

UiPath and CrowdStrike are the first RPA and Endpoint Security vendors to come together to extend endpoint security to RPA, enabling full visibility to enhance protection and speed of response. The partnership offers joint customers unprecedented capabilities to correlate events to originating RPA processes to enable and accelerate threat hunting, investigation and remediation with CrowdStrike for their UiPath environment.

RPA makes it easy to build, deploy and manage software “robots” that emulate human actions interacting with digital systems and software, bringing scale, speed and consistency for improving business productivity and accelerating digital transformation. Automation needs access to systems and the right privileges to be able to execute and perform tasks with speed and consistency, without the need for manual intervention. While the UiPath platform has been architected with security at the centre and its security is attested to via multiple recognised standards, the integration with CrowdStrike helps build a trusted automation environment for allowing RPAs to access critical systems and data with escalated privileges, improving business resiliency.

Together, CrowdStrike and UiPath automatically detect threat activity, whether initiated by humans or robots, to grant the security team real-time visibility across the environment and enable proactive responses. The ability to quickly and easily distinguish between an RPA-initiated process and a human-initiated process will provide security teams with real-time visibility across the environment for proactive threat hunting, incident investigation and remediation.

The partnership provides joint customers with:

  • Fortified protection. The first-of-its-kind integration provides unparalleled coverage to defend against all types of attacks from malware to sophisticated and stealthy nation-state attacks. Full endpoint detection and response (EDR) prevents silent failure by capturing raw events, including those originating from RPA processes, to ensure automation is included in an organisation’s strong security posture.
  • Complete visibility. The security organisation gains better insight into more of the organisation’s systems, specifically germane robot actions. Rich, contextual telemetry enables deep understanding of the attacks in the environment and reduces time and effort to investigate and respond to incidents, without compromising business agility.
  • Increased efficiency. Tight integration between UiPath and CrowdStrike adds rich contextual RPA details to endpoint events, streamlining hunting and investigation across the enterprise in a single console, and speeding granular, targeted response action to ensure business continuity in the event of an incident. It also simplifies security operations by using the same lightweight Falcon agent, management console and cloud-native architecture.

“CrowdStrike and UiPath together bring unparalleled capabilities to the market to mitigate potential risk and increase the visibility of the security organisation into robot-led activities”, said Amol Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer at CrowdStrike. “As automation becomes a core part of the enterprise technology stack and protecting against threats becomes more complex, strengthening our joint customers’ security posture will positively impact their business outcomes”.

“RPA is extending further across the enterprise to automate more processes, making it a fundamental operational asset that companies must protect”, said Ted Kummert, Executive Vice president of Products and Engineering at UiPath. “The challenge of keeping companies, customers and employees safe increases every day. By partnering with CrowdStrike’s leading cloud-based security technology, our customers gain the unique advantage of a highly secure and easy to implement end-to-end automation platform”.