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Crucial for Businesses to Understand: Customers Are in Control
December 11, 2015 Blog big data

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The SAP hybris Customer Days Conference is a conference where businesses learn about the latest and greatest solutions that SAP hybris offers to help them market and engage with their customers at the highest level.

Customers are smarter than ever before. As a result, their expectations of the experience delivered is higher than ever. Customers know what good service is, and they expect it.

Although the customer is in control, not many businesses understand that. Most companies decide what they will market to their customers. This is especially true online. Based on feedback and trends, a business will decide what their customers will see. They want to put the right product in front of the customer at the right time.

The best businesses aren’t just looking at Big Data. They aren’t just taking the trends from the masses and deciding what they think the customer should see but they are also listening to their customers. They consider customer’s behaviors as Little Data. Combining the trends with the individual behavior is resulting in an increase in sales.

Technology is giving businesses the chance to track a customer’s every move. What they click on, if they call for support, if they linger on the online reviews and much more. This information gives the business insight to the customer and the way he or she buys.