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Data pros expect benefits by moving big data to the cloud


More than half of the 2,250 big data professionals at 1,400 companies worldwide organizations surveyed by business intelligence software provider AtScale said they are deploying big data in the cloud today, and 72 percent plan on doing so in the future.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Cognizant, Trifacta and Tableau, showed that nearly 70 percent of those surveyed have been using big data for more than a year, and about three quarters have more than 10 nodes. A huge majority (95 percent) of the respondents have achieved positive value from big data efforts or are anticipating they will.

Other key findings of the report include:

• Some 97 percent of respondents will do as much or more with big data over the next three months.

• More than 53 percent are using the cloud for their big data deployment today, and 14 percent have all their big data in the cloud.

• Two-thirds view big data as “strategic” or “game changing,” while only 19 percent of respondents consider it “experimental.”

“There’s been a clear surge in use of big data in the cloud over the last year, and what’s perhaps as interesting is the fact that respondents are far more likely to achieve tangible value when their data is in the cloud,” said Matt Baird, AtScale CTO and co-founder.

Another key trend observed in the report is the continued momentum of business intelligence for big data. Last year’s survey indicated that business intelligence had overtaken ETL and data science as the predominant workload planned for big data. This trend continues moving forward: business intelligence is the No. 1 workload for big data today, and 75 percent of respondents are planning on using BI on big data.

AtScale executives add that while many of the results of the survey are surprising, the findings are representative of what AtScale has observed across its customer base, which includes leaders across the healthcare, financial services, insurance, telecommunication, online and retail sectors.

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