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Data Works Summit Presented by Hortonworks just got REALLY interesting


The Singapore Hortonworks DataWorks Summit is due to take place on the 11th of October at the Swissotel The Stamford.

With speakers like the founders and CTO of Hortonworks, IBM’s global business lead for analytics, and the Head of AI from Singapore Power, the event was already going to be worth attending.

With the announcement of the super-merger between Cloudera and Hortonworks, things just got even hotter!

This is going to be your chance to understand just what Hortonworks will bring to the table.

If you look at the tracks at this years’ event, its testament to how a company like Hortonworks that pioneered Hadoop and Big Data is now at the heart of the core technologies which are going to shape emerging and developed economies for years to come.

The tracks cover AI & Data Science, Cloud and Big Data Architectures, as well as IoT & Streaming Analytics.

Hortonworks will always be synonymous with Hadoop but this summit shows just how much things have moved on. Big Data as we knew it is already dated, it is embedded in a range of disciplines that are literally re-inventing not just how business run, but what business is.

As Hortonworks embark on the next stage of the journey combining to become a data-driven powerhouse, what they say and share at this event really is likely to shape the future of the analytics and AI ecosystem.

If you want to understand things like how to apply ML and AI to capture transient insights from streaming edge devices, you could do worse than to register and attend. It’s going to more interesting than even the organisers could have imagined!