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Datameer expands big data ecosystem
February 12, 2016 Blog big data

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Datameer announced multiple product enhancements that further deepen its support of the big data ecosystem and underline its commitment to enterprise-grade big data initiatives at the Strata + Hadoop World Singapore Conference.

Datameer Enterprise is now generally available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace via Microsoft HDInsight to provide a cloud-based onramp for organizations looking to rapidly deploy big data analytics.

“Hadoop is a constantly evolving ecosystem, so we purposely created an open architecture that allows us the flexibility to always provide businesses with the best future-proof technologies and capabilities,” said Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer.

“We want businesses to focus on getting to the fastest time to insight and implementing business value rather than on the technical details.”

The new release from Datameer adds native support for Amazon Redshift and updated support for leading Hadoop distributions including Cloudera Enterprise 5.4, IBM BigInsights V4 and MapR 4.1 and 5.

Additionally, Datameer can now connect to the Swift File System so organizations can access and analyze cloud infrastructure information for operational analytics applications.

A new Spark connector allows customers to leverage flexible in-memory data processing for batch, real-time and advanced analytics.

For example, using the new connector, a business analyst could use the results of a machine learning job from Spark as a source in a Datameer application, or use a Datameer-processed dataset as an input for a Spark job.