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DataRobot Celebrates One Billion Models Built on Its Cloud Platform


DataRobot, the leader in automated machine learning, announced that its customers have built one billion models on its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform — a major milestone in AI adoption.

DataRobot customers from around the world are using these machine learning models to better understand and glean actionable insights from accessible data.

Leveraging the scalability of AWS and the processing power of Intel® Xeon® processors, the DataRobot Cloud platform automates the data science workflow, enabling automation-first data scientists and citizen data scientists to build and deploy the most accurate predictive models in minutes. With the intelligence afforded by the DataRobot platform, organizations make informed decisions to improve productivity and efficiency, support business objectives, and increase revenue.

“As a compute-intensive application, our cloud environment provides organizations with a flexible and scalable way to build the machine learning models required to improve business processes and impact business results,” said Phil Gurbacki, VP of Product Management, DataRobot. “Our customers build more than two and a half million models every day, and with each model, our solution gets smarter and more sophisticated. Having now learned from a billion models, DataRobot is putting the power of machine learning into the hands of users across a growing number of use cases, delivering real value to organizations across the globe.”

The DataRobot platform hosts models that serve organizations from a range of industries, including healthcare, banking, manufacturing, retail, and information technology. The models determine, for instance, if a customer is going to churn; if a patient will be readmitted to a hospital; if an insurance candidate is likely to default on a loan; and even when a movie script is poised to become a success. DataRobot enables organizations to build trustworthy AI, providing human-friendly explanations for how the AI is trained, what patterns the AI finds in the data, and even the reasons the AI makes decisions. DataRobot’s industry-leading automation reduces human error via built-in guardrails to ensure best practices are followed, as well as automated model training and deployment.

DataRobot’s one billion models milestone comes on the heels of a year marked by explosive growth, including raising $100 million in Series D financing from top investors to support continued global expansion and further platform development. The company also more than doubled its customer base, adding new clients including New York Life, Humana, and BASF to its roster of Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions spread across 35 countries.

To meet the growing demand for its automated machine learning solution, DataRobot also made several strategic acquisitions to enhance its capabilities — in February 2019, the company acquired data collaboration platform provider Cursor to bolster its data management abilities, and in July 2018, DataRobot acquired Nexosis to further the company’s quest to democratize data science enabling the AI-driven enterprise. DataRobot also increased its employee count by more than 90 percent, bringing total employees to more than 600 across its offices in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America.