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Dell On a Mission to Cultivate and Simplify AI Adoption in APJ With AI Experience Zones


The Dell Technologies AI Experience Zones in Singapore, Bangalore, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo are spaces dedicated to knowledge sharing, offering visitors an immersive AI experience while serving as a catalyst for AI understanding and adoption amongst organisations in the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

Disruptive Tech Asean caught up with Romain Bottier, HPC and AI Senior Solution Architect, Dell Technologies, to find out more about the AI Experience Zone in Singapore.

“The AI Experience Zone is a platform to demonstrate to partners and customers some use cases around AI. The main idea is for us to have a single place for our customers to see and discover AI use cases in different scenarios and experiences.”

Beyond that, Romain said the AI Experience Zone would also demonstrate AI development capabilities. He added that most of Dell’s customers are looking for a platform to build and run their own AI algorithms for their own business advantages. The experience zone showcases Dell Technologies’ platforms and solutions as well as solutions from its partner ecosystem.

Romain Bottier, HPC and AI Senior Solution Architect, Dell Technologies

This is because AI spending is fast becoming one of the top priorities for businesses in the Asia Pacific and Japan region, with businesses looking to invest in AI in the next one to three years as part of their digital strategy. However, according to Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index, 95% of companies are still experiencing transformation roadblocks, including the lack of skills and expertise.

The AI Experience Zones place a strong emphasis on simplifying AI deployments for customers. Through masterclass training, AI expert engagements and collaboration opportunities available on-site, customers are guided through the necessary steps to kick-start AI initiatives including design, installation, maintenance and most importantly, delivering tangible business outcomes for their organisations.

“There is still a lack of data scientists worldwide. The main challenge is to find people who understand all these domains. For Dell Technologies, we provide training on the platform for our customers. We work closely with Intel, Pivotal and specific experts in AI. We have a data science team that offers consultancy services for customers that have a business need but lack in talent.”

Romain said that Singapore’s readiness in its AI adoption compared to other nation is probably a strong factor why businesses want to invest more in AI. Ideally, he would like to see this in every country, but the reality is, the rate of adoption and readiness in Singapore is more advanced. This is also probably why Dell has an Executive Briefing Centre in Singapore to cater to customers who would like to discover the possibilities of Dell Technologies.

“All our customers want AI because it is trending. However, many are still trying to figure out where they can leverage it most in their business and processes. As of today, there is still little information on the returns of AI, but there is a competitive advantage when you use it. And if you don’t do it, your competitor will do it.”

Romain feels that most businesses are still unsure of the full capabilities of AI and how they can add value with it. He pointed out that the industry has reached a point beyond the infancy of AI because of three factors. This includes affordable compute power that has been available through high-performance computing, the amount of data that has already been generated and is generated daily and the tools and frameworks that have been developed, that are made available to the community.

“As of today, we have a lot of use cases of leveraging AI, that have already been applied. If businesses just look at the existing use cases today, they can solve a lot of the challenging business problems they have.”

The AI Experience Zones will include the latest generation Dell EMC PowerEdge servers paired with several advanced, open-source AI software developed by Intel such as OpenVINO toolkit as well as Dell EMC networking and storage technologies. Romain added, “They are dedicated to providing AI solutions that simplify system design, speeding the path to AI with the confidence of scalable designs, proven in our labs and through customer deployments to meet workload requirements and customer outcomes.”