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Deloitte establishes Future of Mobility Solution Center


Deloitte launched its new Future of Mobility (FoM) Global Solution Center to develop new solutions and assets for the global mobility ecosystem as it undergoes an unprecedented transformation. In collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Deloitte will invest in the Center over the coming year.

A convergence of industry-changing forces—from autonomous vehicle technology to artificial intelligence, internet of things (IOT) and social trends such as the growth of carsharing and ridesharing—are disrupting existing transportation industries and creating entirely new systems for the movement of people and goods. This new mobility ecosystem offers the potential for faster, cheaper, cleaner, safer, more efficient, and more customized travel. But it also presents uncertainty as organizations consider what their role will be in this new ecosystem, according to Delloite.

“The shift towards more technologically advanced transportation systems will have implications well beyond the automotive industry. Across industries—from technology to insurance, energy and more—companies will need to rethink how they create value for customers, compete to capture value for themselves, and transform the way they work,” says Punit Renjen, CEO, Deloitte Global. “Deloitte is committed to helping clients envision and achieve their role in the new mobility ecosystem, from strategy development to business model transformation. This new Future of Mobility Solution Center further illustrates that commitment as Deloitte seeks to develop cutting edge solutions and assets to help clients navigate this transformation.”

“Digital, data-driven technologies are at the core of Deloitte’s Future of Mobility services. In order to continue supporting clients as they rethink their role in the future of mobility landscape, Deloitte is actively investing resources to build innovative new solutions and to collaborate with traditional and emerging players across industries,” says Mark Gardner, Future of Mobility leader, Deloitte Global Consulting.

Based in Singapore, the Center will blend digital and analytics capabilities with ecosystem and solution engineering to design and develop proofs of concept, prototypes, eminence, and solutions that will generate value to clients in the region and around the globe. The initial focus will be on three primary areas: electric vehicle analytics, insurance implications, and mobility management solutions. Solution design and development will commence with the launch of the Center, with initial prototypes expected during the coming year.

“Advanced and digital technology is enabling global transportation industries to make unprecedented transformations that is changing the world of mobility as we know it. Singapore, in its journey to become a Smart Nation, is at the forefront in its support of these transformations, with trials and experimentation in the field of mobility strongly backed by the government. The decision to base the Future of Mobility Solution Center in Singapore is a clear signal of Deloitte’s commitment to be a catalyst in the development of the mobility ecosystem of the future and help industry players make bold plays to win,” says Philip Yuen, CEO, Deloitte Southeast Asia and Singapore.

The Future of Mobility Solution Center joins two other new collaborations with the Singapore Economic Development Board to advance Deloitte’s capabilities related to the Future of Work and Cognitive Risk. Each of the Centers will attract and develop local Singapore and global talent in highly sought-after areas such as data science, data engineering, digital transformation, software development, and information design.