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Digital Group Partners Talend to Provide Enhanced Big Data Solutions
December 11, 2015 Blog big data

In an effort to offer its customers with convenient and fast deployment to adapt business requirements of the data integration processes, the Digital Group, a provider of software development and IT services, recently announced a strategic partnership with Talend.

By aligning with Talend, a global open source software and Big Data Analytics solutions provider, Digital Group hopes to reduce risk and improves overall satisfaction for clients.

Talend, which provides enterprise data management and integration solutions, has a varied range of products and solutions for middleware applications, integration applications, big data integration, master data management and data quality.

Talend’s solution intends to solve all the issues related to big data and application integration. Eventually, Digital Group will also enrich their offerings with Talend’s open source products and widespread solutions.

With the advancement of enterprise applications, the collaboration will be fruitful to tackle the difficulties related to enterprise application development and big data solutions.

Pavan Peddada, Senior Vice President, The Digital Group said that Talend’s open source products are one of the most trusted integration solutions, which is majorly utilised by most of the organisations.

“Together, this partnership will help our customers improve the efficiency of their data integration processes, and enable new options for real-time and event-driven applications.”

Besides this, The Digital Group has also close partnerships with other open source technology i.e. Open Source Connections and Hortonworks.