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Don’t Look for Unicorns, Build A Data Science Team
December 11, 2015 Blog big data data science

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When it comes to big data, one thing seemingly everyone can agree on is that organizations face a shortfall of data science talent. After all, the ideal data scientists aren’t just wunderkinds in advanced mathematics and statistics, they’re creative, non-linear thinkers with excellent communication skills. In popular parlance they’re unicorns — magical creatures that don’t exist.

Bob Rogers, chief data scientist, Big Data Solutions, Intel, said that you’ll never find that data science unicorn. You should look for data scientists who not only have a background in math, statistics, physical science or hard science but the ability to write production-level code and the ability to talk to business people in their own language.

Think in terms of data science teams with diverse capabilities that can complement each other, rather than seeking to hire individuals that can do it all.