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DTA Exclusive Interview Series: Five for Five With the CIO of Magnum Corporation
April 30, 2021 News

The CxO Five for Five is Disruptive Tech Asean’s (DTA) exclusive interview series where we ask Chief Executives around the ASEAN region to answer rapid-fire questions on everything technology-related.

For our second Five for Five, we interviewed Beh Swan Swan, CIO of Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd. Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd is a company that focuses on the lottery business or numbers forecast betting games. In Malaysia, Magnum Corporation is the first private company to be awarded the license by the Malaysian Government to operate the successful 4-Digit numbers (“4D”) forecast betting game. Magnum Corporation is also looking to continue to strengthen its market presence and leadership through innovation in customers’ experiences and game offerings that will generate sustainable growth.


1 – (Crystal Ball) – Top technology that you think will transform your business in the coming years?

Beh Swan Swan: Data Analytics – to be able to leverage data collected from many sources to provide the basis for improving sales.


2 – (Out to Pasture) – Technology that you think you will phase out of your business?

Beh Swan Swan: Legacy-style file transfers between systems – to improve on timeliness and efficiency, indirect extraction of data across systems (possibly by introducing a middleware).


3 – (Chatter Box) – Best collaboration tool? 

Beh Swan Swan: Microsoft Teams – included in our O365 license and easy to deploy, especially during the 2020’s Covid lockdown period. It enabled us to resume our work virtually and also able to engage virtually with company-wide employees (through townhall sessions, social virtual activities, etc).


4 – (Be Safe) – Biggest cybersecurity concern?

Beh Swan Swan: Ransomware – the risk of losing our latest data and being held at ransom; not to say other security concerns are not important, but as much as we can put in place with technology and processes, the hardest is the people and the challenge is to have a 100% defence from the people angle.


5 – (When I Grow Up) – If you hadn’t gone into tech, what would you do instead?

Beh Swan Swan: BioTech or gene repair/replacement to solve illnesses.