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DTA Exclusive Interview Series: Five for Five With the Founder & CEO of Anchanto
May 21, 2021 News


The CxO Five for Five is Disruptive Tech Asean’s (DTA) exclusive interview series where we ask Chief Executives around the ASEAN region to answer rapid-fire questions on everything technology-related.

This week, we interview Vaibhav Dabhade, Founder & CEO of Anchanto. Vaibhav is a technology veteran of over 16 years and an industry and thought leader in the eCommerce technology space. With his expertise and experience, he has helped transform enterprises, retailers and brands across the APAC region through innovation and technology. Since its inception in 2011, Anchanto was also able to grow significantly under his influential leadership. Here are his takes on our questions:

  • (Crystal Ball) – Top technology that you think will transform your business in the coming years?

“Technology acts as an enabler to reach a certain end, meaning there could be multiple alternatives to reach the same end. The technological advancement that will help transform Anchanto’s business is one that drives automation and utilises the right insights for brands and logistics companies, to build a better customer experience. This can include technologies such as voice commerce and AI, that enable consumers to buy online in a sophisticated yet simplified manner. For logistics companies, mass adoption of delivery lockers in Asia can help in improving their efficiency and deliver more parcels with the same manpower.”

  • (Out to Pasture) – Technology that you think will phase out of your business?

“Old-school & complicated systems that are not built for digital commerce will phase out very soon. These include legacy systems, traditional warehouse management systems and other logistics systems that were built in the ‘90s without the modern digital commerce landscape in mind and are still being used.”

  • (Chatter Box) – Best collaboration tool?

“I would say that ‘trust’ is the best tool for collaboration. Technology just comes complimentary with seamless communication and process.”

  • (Be Safe) – Biggest cybersecurity concern?

“For us, the safety of our infrastructure, our customers’ data and imparting the right set of skills and education to all the stakeholders. This is precisely why we have invested & focussed on establishing the best infrastructure and robust data processes within our teams. We recently launched the implementation of specialised software applications and customised training for our teams to make sure that all of us are aligned towards this common goal.”

  • (When I Grow Up) – If you hadn’t gone into tech, what would you do instead?
    “I would be working in an art studio spending my time painting or crafting sculptures with my hands.”