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DTA Exclusive Interview Series: Five for Five with the Group CIO of Thai Union Global
October 1, 2021 News


The CxO Five for Five is Disruptive Tech Asean’s (DTA) exclusive interview series where we ask Chief Executives around the ASEAN region to answer rapid-fire questions on everything technology-related.

This week’s Five for Five features an interview with Rajiv Kakar, Group CIO of Thai Union Global. Rajiv is an experienced CIO with extensive domain knowledge spanning multiple disciplines and industries. He is a Big Data evangelist and Data & Information Architecture subject matter, expert.

He is in charge of the company’s entire IT infrastructure, from shopfloor MES systems to SAP S/4 Digital Core to corporate applications in HR, Finance, and Procurement, as well as external-facing interfaces to CRM and 3PL providers, at Thai Union Global.

Here are his takes on the questions.

1 – (Crystal Ball) – Top technology that you think will transform your business in the coming years?

Experiential technology – Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality will shape how humans interact with machines.

This will change how technology is used at home and work and will pave the way for an enhanced human/computer experience like no other.

2 – (Out to pasture) – Technology that you think you will phase out of your business?

Old mainframe computers and other 1960’s technology is gradually being phased out.

3 – (Chatter Box) – Best Collaboration Tool?

Microsoft Teams.

4 – (Be Safe) – Biggest Cybersecurity Concern?


5 – (When I grow up) – If you hadn’t gone into Tech – what would you do instead?

I would have been a technologist – playing with electronics and circuitry and inventing solutions to daily problems.