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DTA Exclusive Interview Series: Five for Five with the Head of Video Collaboration, Southeast Asia (S.E Asia), Logitech
July 30, 2021 News


The CxO Five for Five is Disruptive Tech Asean’s (DTA) exclusive interview series where we ask Chief Executives around the ASEAN region to answer rapid-fire questions on everything technology-related.

In this series, we interview Bryan Lee, Head of Video Collaboration, Southeast Asia (S.E Asia), Logitech. Bryan is responsible for driving the adoption of video collaboration in Southeast Asia to facilitate effective communication and deliver innovative and practical solutions across industries.

With over two decades of experience in the B2B unified communications and collaborations space, Bryan has built strategic partnerships with industry partners and clients across diverse business, technological and geographical landscapes. Under his leadership, Logitech Southeast Asia has expanded rapidly from two to six focus markets in the region.

Here are Bryan’s takes on the questions:

  1. (Crystal Ball) – What is the top technology that you think will transform your business in the coming years?

The world is moving towards a ‘contactless’ era. Any technology that will enhance collaboration and improve productivity while ensuring employee safety will be critical in transforming the way we work and how businesses operate. Video conferencing (VC) technology is definitely top-of-mind for us, as it facilitates better collaboration within internal teams and with customers in a safe, seamless and efficient manner. At Logitech, we are also constantly innovating to improve our VC solutions and enhance the user experience – our recently announced Logitech Scribe is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a “transparency effect”, allowing participants to see “through” the presenter for an unobstructed view of the whiteboard. This is a huge gamechanger for the education sector in creating a better learning experience for students, which were forced to adopt remote learning during these times. Some other ways in which Logitech has been utilising AI is through voice control. Voice-activated video meetings now allow employees to start and manage meetings, with current available audio transcription that automatically transcribes webinars and meetings, thereby boosting productivity quickly and easily. With the current pace of advancements in technology, we may even look forward to 3D holographic meetings, which have the potential to further bridge the gap between reality and virtualities.

  1. (Out to Pasture) – What technology do you think will phase out of your business?

None. In the pre-pandemic world, the business landscape was already gradually making a shift towards the trend of “working from anywhere”. Today, the pandemic has accelerated this move, and the adoption of VC solutions have become a necessity. We believe that the Future of Work will be hybrid, and as people become more used to remote working, the demand for VC technology will only increase.

  1. (Chatter Box) – What is the best collaboration tool?

I am a huge advocate for video conferencing – video allows us to read nonverbal cues such as body language, and also facilitates greater engagement and more efficient collaboration when we hold team meetings, or when I’m speaking to a customer. My favourite would be the Logitech Rally Bar, which has everything one would need for a video conferencing system equipped with AI technology, neatly packed into an all-in-one video bar without compromising on video and audio quality.

  1. (Be Safe) – What is the biggest cybersecurity concern?

Mismanaged file sharing, screen sharing, and meeting recording. Uncontrolled file-sharing can result in unauthorised access to sensitive information and may even inadvertently lead to users accessing malicious files and links, leading to system compromise.

  1. (When I Grow Up) – If you hadn’t gone into tech, what would you do instead?

If I hadn’t gone into video collaboration, I would be interested in working in blockchain technology, which I think will be the next paradigm shift disrupting multiple sectors, such as finance, gaming, and more.