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DTA’s Decision-Maker’s Checklist for Choosing an HR Management

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Disruptive Tech Asean created this checklist as a way to help HR and IT professionals to quickly build the critical areas they should assess when choosing a technology or service.

The questions we’ve compiled should serve the purpose of helping HR systems decision-makers to build a comprehensive set of criteria that must be considered before making a purchase.

This checklist will be a useful tool for hands-on HR and IT professionals that want to sanity check the questions they put to potential vendors. It will also be an excellent tool for IT Directors or CIOs who need to be sure that their teams investigating investments in cloud backup as a service are being thorough in the vendor assessments.

We believe that successful business and IT outcomes are assured for organisations that pay close attention to how this technology is selected and implemented. We don’t warrant that this checklist covers absolutely every aspect of every scenario, but it does do a good job of covering a great deal of the real questions you need to consider when picking a new Human Resources Management (HRM) system for your business.