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edotco and the Telecom Infra Project On Track to Connect Urban Underserved Communities With Next Generation Solutions
July 3, 2020 News


edotco Group Sdn. Bhd. (edotco), the leading regional integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company, and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), announced that they are on track to unlock new network efficiencies that will improve connectivity at urban street level and indoor coverage in underserved areas in South East Asia and South Asia, starting in Malaysia. This latest advancement is a further example of a deepening engagement through TIP’s ecosytem, a global community of companies and organisations that are driving infrastructure solutions to advance global connectivity.

We are moving to the next phase focusing on the development of end-to-end urban solutions for 4G and 5G with the initial phase of the collaboration on the OpenRAN trials progressing well. With the goal of simplifying the process of network coverage extension and modernisation, the next phase will focus on the development of a deployment blueprint which will be tested in a TIP Community Lab together with System Integrators. Once the blueprints have been validated, they will be shared with the broader TIP community and products will be listed on TIP Exchange.

Dato’ Izzaddin Idris, Interim CEO, edotco Group, said: “With new network demands on the rise and the critical need to connect the underserved communities, we must accelerate the adoption of next-generation solutions. These new solutions, based on a vendor-neutral hardware and software-defined technology will present a technological revolution for seamless connectivity in underserved communities, while providing cost-effective options to network operators”.

In addition, both edotco and TIP alongside the participation of two Mobile Network Operators in Malaysia will soon conduct proof of concepts (PoC) for 4G OpenRAN across 15 locations within Klang Valley. This work marks the first and largest field trial of OpenRAN in the Southeast Asia region.

Attilio Zani, TIP Executive Director, said: “This project shows TIP’s commitment to deliver open, disaggregated network solutions across all connectivity scenarios, from ultra-rural to dense urban environments. This new collaboration to develop end-to-end urban solutions addresses the increasing needs from service providers to deliver better connectivity to their customers in urban environments. This is a great example of how companies can collaborate in TIP’s ecosystem to build and test (validate) the robust infrastructure needed to provide the backbone for critical services, smarter cities, safety and digital inclusion”.

The blueprint will be field validated during these field trials. The field trials will comprise testing for use cases including high-density locations and indoor environments. edotco alongside TIP will gear up for trials and subsequently, commercial deployments dedicated to advancing connectivity for urban communities based on a wholesale service model, thereby enabling  network operators to efficiently expand 4G and 5G urban networks upon the successful field trial and viability assessment of this end-to-end next generation solution.

Aaron Bernstein, TIP Board Member and Director, Connectivity at Facebook, said: “We are encouraged by the pace of innovation we are witnessing as a result of the joint efforts between players within the ecosystem. With edotco’s regional expertise and commitment to empowering greater connectivity with tailor-made innovative solutions, we are optimistic that as an industry, we will soon have access to next-generation solutions that are able to extend network coverage and capacity in urban environments”.