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edotco Announced Centre of Design Excellence (CoDE), the Future of Connectivity and Digital Innovation
July 27, 2020 News


edotco Group (edotco), the leading regional integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company, announced its first Centre of Design Excellence (CoDE), an initiative to further drive the Group’s commitment to advancing a sustainable telecommunications industry. CoDE, which is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, brings together the best minds from across the edotco footprint with engineers from other key markets making up the virtual team as well.

The CoDE is focused on developing sustainable design solutions, advancing cost optimisation as well as research and development aimed at crafting solutions that are optimised for each market’s unique needs. Established in edotco’s second largest footprint country, Bangladesh hosts the breath of the company’s engineering talent and serves as a prime location to fulfil the company’s commitment to developing key engineering talent across the region.

“CoDE will not only foster cross-country collaborations that are set to progress connectivity across all of edotco’s footprint countries but will also help us chart out a more sustainable and efficient future for the telecommunications industry across the region. By having a forward-looking view of the industry, we are developing solutions that will not only benefit communities but also, accommodate requirements of the future. As we strive to help nations meet their digital transformation agendas, we believe that achieving next-generation connectivity is only possible by deploying next-generation innovations,” said Dato’ Izzaddin Idris, Acting Chief Executive Officer at edotco Group.

edotco has successfully deployed several active projects through CoDE, such as the in-house design and optimisation of tower sites that standardises quality, improves budgetary adherence and reduces external costs. In just a few months since its inception, CoDE has also implemented tower strengthening solutions to resolve overload issues for sites that would otherwise require relocation.

One of the team’s notable deployments is edotco’s first in-house tower design which allows increased control over quality. In addition to ensuring quality, in-house tower designs reduce edotco’s reliance on external vendors and allows for more accurate budgeting and cost savings.

On top of that, with plans for further enhancements to prolong the lifespan of the structures, CoDE recently collaborated with the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) to enhance 12 existing bamboo towers and to innovate other bamboo applications.

“The first in-house tower designed and deployed by the CoDE team demonstrates the endless potential we can achieve with optimised tower and foundation designs that are powered by innovation. CoDE allows us to identify opportunities and address challenges through innovative development, which then can be applied across our whole footprint. As we must address the varied requirements of our markets, innovating is not just about creating something new but also about addressing these unique needs,” said Ir. Kumari Nalini, Director of Engineering and Technology at edotco Group.

In addition to innovating solutions for the industry, edotco will also meet its commitment to developing its pool of in-house talents through CoDE, integrating their potential to enhance efficiencies in operations and engineering design while creating new value for the telecommunications industry.

CoDE is hosting a design competition with students from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), and Islamic University of Technology (IUT) upon recognising the important role education institutions play in nurturing the next generation. Concluding in October 2020, the competition is part of efforts to spearhead innovation while upskilling local youths.

edotco is undertaking the futureproofing of business processes while upholding its commitment to be an innovative and sustainable telecommunications infrastructure provider as CoDE aims to foster greater collaboration with industry players and universities. The company will continue its efforts to serve as a key nation building partner that enables digitisation while meeting the diverse telecommunications needs of its core markets of Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and Laos.