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November 19, 2018 News


Element AI, a global company that delivers AI software products that augment decisions to make businesses safer, stronger, and more agile, today announced partnerships with GIC, SGInnovate and Singapore Management University (SMU) at a ceremony attended by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Singapore Minister of Communications and Information H.E. S Iswaran. These partnerships expand the Element AI footprint in Asia and reinforces its commitment to the Singapore AI ecosystem, from large corporations to the startup community to academia. As part of its mission of global expansion, Element AI is replicating a proven model of success by working with key Singapore based corporations, startup incubators, and research institutions to convert the latest academic breakthroughs into robust AI products that can be integrated and uniquely customised at scale.

“The Singapore industrial ecosystem consists of renowned institutions with deep expertise in building global enterprises, incubators with a proven history of launching world-changing companies, and prestigious academic institutions conducting the research critical to understanding the world around us and lighting the path forward,” said Element AI CEO Jean-François Gagné. “This Singapore technology ecosystem is familiar to us at Element AI because it’s that environment that led to the creation of our company, so we’re thrilled to be signing agreements with these like-minded partners today. Through collaborative research drawing on the best and brightest expertise from Singapore and Canada, we’re very excited about what is possible as we focus on augmenting collective intelligence and transforming industry as we know it with the help of role-centric AI products.”

The Singapore AI ecosystem is unique in its ability to integrate government, academia and private enterprise efforts to advance technology adoption in AI. For example, GIC through its innovation labs, accelerates the use of innovative technologies and incubates new ideas, in collaboration with its business units, start-ups, research organisations, and universities. The new partnership between Element AI and GIC initiates a collaboration that will focus on the application of advanced machine learning techniques to challenging problems encountered by large asset managers. Together, they will undertake research on technology trends that can be implemented enterprise wide.

The partnership between Element AI and SGInnovate will prioritise the expansion of the deep tech talent pool in Singapore, and the development of the fast-growing technology startup ecosystem in ASEAN. Together, Element AI and SGInnovate will focus on the potential of AI-related startups to help corporations and governments address a variety of challenges. To this end, both parties will co-host a series of events and work alongside technical founders to create opportunities for startups to deploy, improve, and further scale AI solutions. This will be done, in part, through collaborations with the portfolio companies of SGInnovate as well as from the wider market.

Steve Leonard, Founding CEO of SGInnovate said, “Two years ago, SGInnovate was launched with a mission to help ‘scientist-entrepreneurs’ form, build, and scale deep tech startups. Given how hard it is to build a deep tech company, we know how important it is to work with great partners. Our new relationship with Element AI, one of the most exciting AI startups in the world, will help us to increase our impact as a deep tech investor and company builder. SGInnovate and Element AI will look to generate commercial opportunities for deep tech startups to build, deploy, improve, and scale AI-system solutions. Through the shared work of SGInnovate and Element AI, the deep tech startup ecosystem across ASEAN will also be given a boost.”

A premier university in Asia, SMU emphasises rigorous, high-impact, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. In addition to the University, the SMU School of Law, having been awarded a competitive grant of $4.5 million by the Singapore’s National Research Foundation in June 2018, established a first-of-its-kind Centre for AI and Data Governance (CAIDG) in September 2018.  Element AI and SMU School of Law will be embarking on a research collaboration in relevant areas on the governance of AI. Specifically, SMU will be responsible for carrying out the Singapore aspect of research while Element AI will focus on the North American aspects as well as leverage its global researcher network. Together, all parties will share information, tools, and approaches in order to deliver issues and recommendation papers.

Associate Professor Goh Yihan, Dean of SMU School of Law, who is also the Initial Director of CAIDG and said, “In carrying out our research on AI Governance issues, we have emphasised the importance of reaching out to both academia and industry. This is especially true as we create meaningful impact in this fast-moving space, and why we are very excited about our collaboration with Element AI. This is certainly a wonderful partnership; I look forward to working together in identifying and researching relevant topics in the months ahead.”