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Emcien Reinvents Data Analytics with EmcienPatterns, Helping Enterprises Conquer the Last Mile

Emcien® today introduced EmcienPatterns™, revolutionary new data analytics software that provides a steady stream of practical, prioritized tasks to teams and systems to act on and continuously improve every business outcome like churn, profitability, downtime, and more. EmcienPatterns eliminates the problems of typical analysis tools and methods by giving enterprises what they need to conquer the last mile of analytics and realize maximum value from their data—the exact actions needed to improve outcomes fully integrated into enterprise operations.

“There’s plenty of data and technology to go around, but enterprises still struggle to get financial returns from their data. Businesses tell us that analytics projects are typically lab projects, pretty pictures or slideware—all disconnected from how they actually work. Analytics tells people what happened, even what’s going to happen, but never what to do about it. It’s just not usable,” said Russ Caldwell, Emcien’s chief technology officer. “EmcienPatterns means enterprises can finally conquer that last mile of analytics.

Practical, Prioritized Tasks:
EmcienPatterns tells enterprises what to do to improve outcomes by predicting future outcomes, determining why they will occur, identifying the most effective and practical tasks to perform in response, and delivering them to enterprise teams and systems to carry out in real-time.

Integrates Seamlessly into Any Business Process or Technology:
EmcienPatterns delivers tasks when, where, and how enterprises need them, solving the challenge of operationalizing data. EmcienPatterns sends tasks to teams as lists of to-dos, prompts inside the business apps they already use, and details added to existing reporting. EmcienPatterns also sends tasks to the systems that run enterprise operations so they can act. EmcienPatterns refreshes tasks automatically and continually so they’re always up-to-date and available.

Uses All Enterprise Data for Maximum Business Impact:
EmcienPatterns accesses all enterprise data, whether it’s buried in departmental silos across the enterprise, in a data warehouse, database, or Hadoop, in the cloud, on-premise or in the public domain. This comprehensive access solves the common problem of disparate, siloed data being difficult to harness, and ensures the tasks Emcien delivers are comprehensive and impactful. EmcienPatterns even analyzes the unstructured data from social media, Internet chats, service calls, and more, that’s rich with information but doesn’t fit neatly into the rows and columns many analytical tools require. EmcienPatterns analyzes data incredibly fast with zero data movement.

Effortless Analysis: No Prep, Coding, Querying, Modeling:
Because EmcienPatterns is resilient to dirty data and missing values, it eliminates the need for intensive, manual data prep, cleansing, or set-up. EmcienPatterns analyzes all enterprise data automatically, eliminating the manual coding, querying, and modeling that’s typical of conventional data analysis and is a high barrier to value. It runs continuously, delivering a steady stream of tasks with no manual updating necessary, so no data skills or expertise are required.

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