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Enigma No More, Analytics Leaders Congregate to Demystify Analytics.
March 16, 2017 News


The Third Analytics Leaders’ Summit organised by Enigma Consulting Group took place on 14th-15th March at Kuala Lumpur with the first being held in Singapore and the second un Indonesia on May and October 2016.

The Analytics Leaders’ Summit is a series of events that focus on educating and sharing details about the challenges faced by analytics professionals in this data driven era. The event is particularly valuable as all the presentation are given by real world professionals who share actual case studies from across multiple sectors.

One such presentation was delivered by George Haylett, an expert with 30 years of experience within the analytics domain who shared knowledge regarding how to influence c-levels and stakeholders using the power of analytics. He explained how implementing analytics needs to be part of every organisation’s plan for building a stronger and better business.


George Haylett

What came across is that Analytics is a definite “hot button” for CEO right now, but without expert guidance they are not able to derive the potential value from the data they want to analyse. As a CEO, they have a responsibility to lead their organisations Big Data aspirations. This means having a high-level understanding of the purpose of their analytics projects and clearly defining the expected result. Once that is in place they can then ask questions into their organisation to see if the skill and know how exists to deliver or whether analytics skills will need to be enhanced.

According to George, one of the most successful ways to approach the whole move to analytics driven decisions is to start small, prioritise the projects and build up the capability and aspirations in phases.

Himanshu Jha a Head of Business Intelligence and Data Science at Music Singapore added to the discussion by highlighting the importance of social analytics.


Himanshu Jha

Social analytics includes but is not limited to the gathering data from blogs and social media feeds. When analysed this can be hugely powerful in supporting better decisions based for instance on understanding sentiment across a large but targeted group. He explained just how much influence this data can have, pointing to social analytics trends of 2017 and beyond such as politicians tapping into social media sentiment to formulate messaging that helps then win votes and elections.

He also advised that we don’t stop using old methods, explain there is real value in combining Big Data with “small data”. Effectively pooling traditional data with socially gathered data to add dimensions to existing insights that were not possible in the past. As an example, you can profile your own customers and then use prevailing sentiment to target your own customers more effectively.

The event was fascinating and Big Community is pleased to be able to share a few video interviews that we conducted whilst we were there!