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Ensuring Compliance with Dathena
January 15, 2019 News


Dathena’s partnership with Microsoft as a Microsoft Co-Sell Ready solution marks a major milestone for the leading AI-powered Data Protection and Management Platform company. The partnership includes two key aspects of Dathena which is its integrated, deployment ready solution and its integrated Go-To-Market sales process and platform.

The partnership establishes Dathena as a leader in data protection and being able implement in a fast and scalable manner with proven results. Dathena hopes Microsoft’s extensive sales network will make possible the entry to new markets, allowing them to meet the security needs of organisations of all industries around the globe.

Christopher Muffat, Dathena Founder & CEO said “We’re thrilled to have been selected as a co-sell partner by Microsoft. Together, we look forward to helping organizations around the globe secure their data and meet regulatory requirements, allowing them to focus on their core business with peace of mind.”

As organisations world-wide face mounting pressure to better protect and secure their ever-growing datasets, the consequences for failing to do so can be detrimental to the survival of the organization.

Developed by information risk management experts, Dathena intimately understands organisations’ data privacy and protection needs, and caters to them with an in-house developed Artificial Intelligence-powered technology: the Dathena 99 Core Engine.

According to Dathena, the Dathena 99 Core Engine is its proprietary state-of-the-art AI. Developed over five years ago, its main purpose is to quickly, accurately and intelligently discover and classify sensitive data in any organisation’s data repositories which enables end to end information protection. This is achieved when Machine Learning, deep learning and natural language processing techniques that were developed in house.

The Dathena 99 Core Engine is currently the leader in the market for accuracy, speed and scalability of data discovery and classification. It has over 1000 integration points, giving it the ability to scan and analyse all known data repositories on premise or on the cloud, and all known document types, while powering the effectiveness of all relevant cyber security solutions.

Today, compliance with internal data protection polices and government data protection regulations is a significant pain point for organisations. While there are cyber security solutions in the market, Dathena has launched products that are effective and intelligent enough to undertake data processes, with little manual intervention required.

For example, Dathena Privacy is able to analyse and map out all possible Personal Data from an organisation’s repositories, making it compliant with EU’s GDPR, without having to invest significant manual resources. Adding to that, Dathena Protect integrates with Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection platform to ensure that users are able to access and manage sensitive information in a compliant manner through automatic document classification, encryption and labelling.

Microsoft and Dathena are currently working together on multiple deals with large customers across Asia Pacific.