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Esker Recommended PEPPOL Access Point by IMDA in Singapore
January 11, 2019 News

Note from DTA Editor: In truth how Esker leverage AI is not entirely clear to us, but enabling complete electronic automated trading between borders is something they certainly do. PEPPOL is not a product but a standards framework for e-business and e-transactions that enables interoperability between systems. The net effect is if you are PEPPOL compliant it should be possible to seamlessly conduct automatic e-commerce with other PEPPOL compliant companies. Singapore is the only country that currently features in the PEPPOL network which makes international e-commerce easier for Singaporean compliant entities.

Esker, a worldwide leader in AI-driven document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, announced today that it is a certified PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) Access Point authorized by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), a statutory board of the Singapore government. This accreditation enables Esker to send and receive e-invoices to and from all entities using PEPPOL network.

Singapore is the first Asian country to implement the e-invoice framework based on the PEPPOL standard. PEPPOL is an open network that simplifies document exchanges between companies (e.g., invoices, sales orders, etc.) and ensures standardization of documents and connectivity.

As a certified PEPPOL Access Point, Esker processes, sends and receives invoices to any recipient within the PEPPOL network — Esker’s customers are thus deemed “PEPPOL ready.” Businesses using Esker’s automation solutions for invoice exchange via PEPPOL benefit from one platform for customer and supplier invoices and are able to:

  • Send or receive invoices via the PEPPOL network or any other media (e.g., mail, email, fax, etc.)
  • Handle PDF or other structured data submission
  • Get 100% visibility on invoice status
  • Provide human-readable supplier invoices and integrate invoice data to customer’s ERP system
  • Ensure invoice validation with approval workflow

“Esker is further reinforcing its commitment to worldwide interoperability by becoming a certified PEPPOL Access Point in Singapore,” said Jean-Michel Bérard, CEO at Esker. “Singapore is set to become one of the fastest adopters of the PEPPOL infrastructure and we are excited to help contribute to the growth of e-invoicing and the digital economy.”