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Execute Order 66: Time to Eliminate the Data Silos!
October 13, 2020 Blog


In Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, there’s an infamous scene where Palpatine gave the command to “execute Order 66”. In one fell swoop, he was able to eliminate that which he deemed to be “undesirable” for the greater good of the empire – the Jedi forces.

For today’s digitally transforming, data-driven organisations, one of the most undesirable phenomena would have to be “data silos” – information that is isolated or accessible only to certain parts of a business. These silos are bad because:

  • They are inefficient and result in a severe lack of transparency.
  • They undermine data accuracy.
  • They take up more storage space than necessary (which leads to higher costs).
  • They lead to a less collaborative business environment and bad customer experience.

Unfortunately, data silos are an inevitable by-product of a badly planned data strategy (or lack thereof) as companies continue to grow. It is common that organisations aren’t even aware that they even have a problem, resulting from the accumulation of data over long periods of time, until it is too late.


Do or Do Not, There Is No Try When It Comes to Data Clarity

Isolated data will only result in fragmented and incomplete insights. Letting data silos fester will only sow data distrust and be detrimental to the growth and progress of your company’s data-driven aspirations. The good news is that with a centralised, comprehensive data platform, you can, in your own way, “execute Order 66” and eliminate all siloed data that exists within your organisation.

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) was designed to do just that, with other interesting features. CDP combines the best of the industry-leading technologies and data know-how from Hortonworks and Cloudera to break down silos and deliver powerful self-service analytics no matter where your data is stored.

Managing your enterprise data using a centralised platform ensures that no vital data gets left behind. So, you can unlock the full potential of your data in order to serve customers better and run operations more efficiently, while keeping it all tightly secure. CDP is:

  • Optimised for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, delivering the same data management capabilities across various clouds.
  • Allows multiple analytic functions to work together on the same data at its source, eliminating costly and inefficient data silos.
  • Maintains strict enterprise data security, governance and control across all environments.
  • 100 per cent open-source, with open compute and open storage, ensuring zero vendor lock-in and maximum interoperability.

Find out how you can get rid of data silos for good with Cloudera Data Platform here.