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Experian Expands Global DataLabs with Investment in Singapore Facility
December 12, 2018 News Data Labs


Experian, the leading global information services company, today announced that its international DataLabs is expanding in Asia Pacific. Increased investment into an existing innovation centre in Singapore will create the fourth Experian DataLab, adding to an international footprint that includes facilities in the US, the UK and Brazil. ‘Experian DataLabs Singapore’ helps businesses solve strategic marketing and risk-management problems through advanced data analysis, research and development.

As businesses around the world look to make sense of their data and capture the value in it through innovative techniques and applications, Experian DataLabs provide a compliant, safe and secure environment for both internal and collaborative research. As well as driving Experian’s own highly acclaimed innovation agenda, the DataLabs programme allow clients to work alongside the company’s data experts and leverage their combined data assets. The Singapore DataLab has a particular focus on developing innovations to help the 1 billion people across Asia Pacific[1] who don’t have access to traditional forms of finance by harnessing alternative data derived from smart phone use.

Eric Haller, Global Head, Experian DataLabs said: “I am delighted to announce the expansion of Experian DataLabs in Asia-Pacific because I am so excited about what we can achieve there – particularly on the important issue of financial inclusion. Only 27% of adults in the region have a bank account and as a result they don’t have the financial profile necessary to borrow money on fair, affordable terms. Our Singapore DataLab will have an enhanced focus on innovation that helps consumers and businesses by building accurate profiles of people based on alternative sources of data, leveraging high levels of smart phone use in the region across all demographic groups. Working with consumers, we want to help them get the most out of their data, help them get access to the financial system and affordable credit – and ultimately help them to achieve their goals.”

Experian has been operating an innovation centre in Singapore for more than 18 months. The facility is staffed with a multidisciplinary group of data scientists with PhDs and applied research practitioners with expertise in advanced analytics and machine learning, as well as other advanced statistical methods. As part of the global Experian DataLabs network, the facility will both enhance its focus on addressing regional financial inclusion issues, and co-ordinate with existing projects at Experian’s other DataLabs sites around the globe.

Ben Elliott, CEO, Experian APAC said: “Singapore is the ideal place for the Experian DataLab in Asia-Pacific. The country has a recognised and proven focus on innovation built on a first-class business infrastructure, a world-leading start-up ecosystem and a deep and highly qualified talent pool. I am confident that Experian’s Singapore DataLab will play a valuable and important role in helping to address pressing regional issues, such as financial inclusion, which we will then be able to adapt and apply in other markets around the world.”