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Female Data Scientists Wanted At Wrangle 2018
December 8, 2017 News ADAX Data Scientist MDEC


The Wrangle event hosted by EnigmaCG in conjunction with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), ADAX and Cloudera, is being held today at the ADAX office in Bangsar South. It is a one day event with the theme “By Data Scientists for Data Scientists”.

Participants awaiting the start of the event

The event is showcasing the latest trends and case studies in Data Science as well as forming a platform for all to discuss and share viewpoints that would be affecting the world of Artificial Intelligence and A.I Chatbots.

Topics include Social Media Analytics utilising Machine Learning and Rise of The A.I Chatbots, with a number of interesting Data Analytics companies and universities being represented and panel discussions that delve on topics such as whether A.I will save humanity or make us extinct.

Full house at the ADAX office

ADAX Chief Executive Officer, Sharala Axryd shared that she hopes the event brings greater awareness to individuals as well as organisations who are looking to take advantage of the digital economy in her opening address.

“I’m not a data scientist but I have an engineering background. It’s nice to have a group of peers to share your thoughts (and) ideas with”, she said.

Participants grabbing a quick bite before the event begins

Wrangle she shared, began in 2015 by Cloudera, as an initiative to bring geeks together, where the first ever Wrangle event was held last year.

“This year we have this space, so its very important for us, ADAX and MDEC, to bring this back to home ground.”

She shared also that it was disappointing that there were no female data scientists speaking at the event this time. Although there were many people writing to her saying there were a number of great female data scientists out there, they were not able to secure any of them this time around.

“There was supposedly one female data scientist but she couldn’t make it. There’s not many. If you know of any, please let us know. I promise… next year we (will) have at least 2 female data scientists doing this talk.”