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Finn Partners Asia and ACCESS Health International Report finds Demand to Increase for Affordable Healthcare Driving Digital Health Innovation in Asia
February 27, 2020 News


The COVID-19 outbreak placed Asia Pacific’s healthcare industry on a global stage, with a spotlight on the role technology plays in advancing the discovery, delivery and financing of healthcare.

Asia is a region where people have better access to a smart phone than to a doctor. As the middle-income group grow and age or as lifestyles change, the demand for high quality healthcare products and services will continue to rise. Cloud-based platforms, emerging technologies, and modern data centres are breaking down barriers in terms of access, cost, and computing power, allowing data-driven health research to reach a new frontier.

To provide deeper insights into how technology is revolutionising the face of patient care for the most populous region in the world, Finn Partners Asia launched What the Tech: Impact of Digital Innovations on Healthcare in Asia. The report, developed in collaboration with ACCESS Health International, indicates three key trends:

  • Digital health is bringing patient care to where it is needed the most: Telemedicine is emerging as an effective channel of diagnosis and treatment. IoT is enabling advanced diagnostics, at-home monitoring and ICT-enabled access to specialist care.
  • Innovative fintech solutions can deliver affordable healthcare to Asia: In 8 out of 10 Southeast Asian countries, more than a third of healthcare expenses are paid out-of-pocket by individuals. Integrated partnerships between financial services companies and healthcare services organisations will have a significant role in bringing high quality, affordable care to where people live and work.
  • More data, better insights delivered by AI and machine learning: Digital technologies designed to treat or prevent a specific disorder or disease —namely digital therapeutic technologies— are on the rise, and they are making health data collection and aggregation easier.

“Without digital transformation, there is no health transformation. In Asia, we are at a pivotal point where the combined power of political commitment and digital technology will help countries achieve the goal of health for all citizens,” said Sejal Mistry, Country Director, Singapore, ACCESS Health International. “We’re excited to collaborate with Ying Finn on this report which highlights some of the biggest trends in this space in Asia.”

“There is a tremendous opportunity to increase affordable healthcare coverage through digital solutions in Asia Pacific. We are seeing incredible innovation by both traditional healthcare organizations and new healthtech players that is transforming this dynamic market,” said Shuchi Joseph, Vice President, PR & Asia Health Practice, Finn Partners. “Health is Finn Partners’ largest global practice today. I am very proud to be working with our experts in Consumer, Health, and Technology to support all the brands in the health ecosystem as they navigate the brave new world of tech-powered patient care.”

The release of this report follows the launch of FINN Wellness Collaborative, a global offering dedicated to elevating brands that support a better, healthier world.