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Flying taxi goes for test spin in Marina Bay
October 25, 2019 News

An 18-propeller drone-like flying taxi took to the skies in Singapore for the first time on Tuesday 22nd October, as German firm Volocopter conducted a test flight of its vehicle around the Marina Bay district.

The battery-operated, two-seater vehicle flew for about two minutes and 30 seconds, with a pilot on board.

Although the vehicle is autonomous, Volocopter placed a pilot inside during the test for safety reasons.

The flight was almost delayed due to heavy rain, but the go-ahead to take off was given once the skies cleared.

Volocopter’s air taxi resembles a helicopter, but is based on drone technology and can fly two people for about 30km.

It is designed specifically for inner-city missions and can carry 160kg.

 Volocopter has already conducted tests in Helsinki, Las Vegas, Dubai and various parts of Germany, but the trial here is its first one in the centre of a city.
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