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Fostering Malaysia’s AI Innovation Ecosystem Through Reliable, AI-Ready Infrastructure
May 5, 2021 Blog


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most rapidly advancing technologies, with the potential to transform how we live and do business. According to IDC, global spending on AI will double over the next few years to hit more than USD $110 billion in 2024. IDC added that spending on AI is accelerating as it is a vital ingredient for digital transformation and competitiveness in today’s digital economy.

Acknowledging the importance of this technology, Malaysia is currently on track to formulating its own National Artificial Intelligence Roadmap (AI-RMAP). Prof. Ts. Dr Rose Alinda Alias, who was entrusted to lead the team of experts who are tasked with this important project said, AI has the potential to have a profound effect on the Malaysian economy. She added that it’s vital for the country to create a thriving AI ecosystem and capitalise on AI for economic prosperity, social good and people’s wellbeing.

The AI-RMAP will outline the major AI strategies to be implemented by Malaysia from 2021 to 2025, with establishing governance for the country’s AI innovation ecosystem, fostering AI talents and advancing AI R&D among its key objectives.

In addition, Malaysia is looking to cement its position as one of the leading ASEAN nations in the field of AI with its first-ever AI park. The park will focus on building AI applications in areas of computer vision, speech recognition, natural language, and humanoid/robot – to develop technology and talent, data management, research & development, and commercial ecosystem.

AI technology is expected to contribute up to USD $115 billion to Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030. Although digital infrastructure has long been established in Malaysia, it must be escalated to enable AI.

To unlock the full capabilities of AI and machine-learning, organisations need next-level performance from IT, as they are required to collect, store and analyse massive amounts of data to realise an intelligent future for industries. They need to invest in server infrastructure that delivers powerful general and AI computing power with intelligent operations and management capabilities.

The latest generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge makes this possible, enabling businesses to derive deeper insights quicker than ever before, enact decisions automatically, anticipate and more quickly respond to their ever-changing needs.

Along with autonomous intelligence capabilities, the new PowerEdge servers may be Dell Technologies’ most AI-friendly server portfolio, featuring PCIe Gen 4.0 – which doubles the throughput performance over the previous generation with up to six accelerators per server to support the most challenging, data-intensive workloads.

“Data is being created and used in more places than ever before, and organisations are challenged to act on it as quickly as possible”, said Jeff Boudreau President and General Manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies. “As we innovate for the future of IT, advanced automation is a must, no matter where infrastructure resides. Our new PowerEdge servers offer next-level performance to help customers accelerate data insights and the move toward autonomous compute”.

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