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FrogData Brings Big Data Analytics to Dealers


San Francisco-based FrogData released their Big Data Analytics Platform for Automotive Dealers at the 2017 National Automotive Dealers Association Convention.

The business analytics platform delivers advanced reporting, business insights and predictive analytics, helping dealers make better decisions and creating a positive impact on their business.

Frog Data is capable of aggregating vast amounts of diverse data sets and generating trend analysis and business insights using proprietary algorithms. This enables dealers to make decisions on which business levers to pull in order to improve dealership efficiency.

“FrogData’s goal is to transform decision making at dealerships to the point where it is no longer guess work but the outcome of cold-blooded analysis,” said Tej Soni, president of FrogData. “We work closely with dealers to help them assimilate this technology into their operations, and make it available to every single manager within their organization.”

Data analytics is being rapidly adopted by large corporations and it is reported that companies using these platforms are five times more likely to be successful. However, the cost and complexity of such technologies usually keep them from being available for automotive dealerships. Which is why FrogData’s data analytics platform, the first such solution in the automotive industry, is a significant breakthrough.

“FrogData is not just an analytics platform, but a decision system that impacts the four key areas in a dealership – People, Products, Customers and Cash,” said Soni. “By improving staffing efficiency, creating a better product mix, more targeted marketing and sales, and better cash management, any dealership can achieve higher performance standards unimaginable before now.”

In addition to the data analytics platform, FrogData is also launching a FrogData CPP (Consulting Partnership Program) that enables automotive consultants to use the platform as a part of their consulting practice. FrogData believes that the availability of a true analytics platform for consultants will be a game changer with business insights, trends, and targeted advice backed by the scientific analysis of data. By becoming FrogData partners, consultants can increase their customer base and reduce unnecessary travel, which is the bane of a consultant’s life.

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