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Fujitsu Develops New “Actlyzer” AI Technology for Video-Based Behavioral Analysis
November 28, 2019 News


Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Research and Development Center Co., Ltd. have innovated an AI technology for video-based behavioral analysis. Dubbed “Actlyzer”, the tech can recognize a variety of subtle and complex human activities without relying on large amounts of training data.

Deep learning technologies conventionally demand large amounts of video data for training systems to recognize individual behaviors, and video data must be collected from scratch in order to add each new behavior. This time-consuming process means that it can often take several months to introduce functional AI into the field.

Taking advantage of the fact that human behaviors generally consist of a combination of basic movements and actions, (e.g. walking, nodding, extending the hand) Fujitsu has created a technology that makes it possible to recognize more complex human behaviors, including when an individual appears to be acting suspiciously or seems inclined to make a purchase, by training the AI to recognize about 100 basic actions in advance.

Potential use cases for this new technology include automatic detection of individuals engaged in suspicious-seeming activity, product interest surveys based on recognition of purchase behavior by customers, and training applications through comparing the skills of experienced and novice workers at factories, to name a few. Actlyzer demonstrates Fujitsu’s continued commitment to delivering exciting new AI technologies with an emphasis on their human centric potential, offering rapid deployment to business frontlines to contribute to enhanced security, streamlined operations, as well as better workplaces for employees.

Moving forward, Fujitsu will initially offer Actlyzer to customers in Japan during fiscal 2019, and subsequently aims to commercialize the technology for international markets as a service as part of its “Fujitsu Human Centric AI Zinrai” portfolio.