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Fusionex CEO Sees Global Ambitions With AliBaba Cloud Partnership


Big Community was privileged once again to sit down with CEO of Fusionex, Dato Seri Ivan Teh for an exclusive interview after their recent collaboration was announced with China tech giant, AliBaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of AliBaba Group, which was held at St Regis Kuala Lumpur. The partnership is set to transform data management and maximise businesses IT investments. Simon Hu, the CEO of Alibaba Cloud, Raymond Ma, Head of ASEAN & ANZ, AliBaba Cloud and Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh, were on hand to officiate the partnership.

“As we mentioned earlier, we have global ambitions. We want to start with Malaysia and ASEAN because that’s where we see a lot of traction and a lot of excitement right now. There’s a lot of investments and interest and also a lot of activity from trade facilitation and e-commerce cloud computing technology platforms. So, I think that’s where we want to start-  in Malaysia as the hub but ASEAN as the initial market,” he said when asked if the partnership would help gain market traction in China.

“Once we get this model fine tuned, because in any partnership you want to fine tune the model to have a successful reference model, we want to bring this to the rest of the world as well.” He said adding that the AliBaba Cloud and Fusionex management are aligned in their global ambitions in making the partnership a success.

“We have a vision to do much more, and we are very confident that we will be able to do that. When you think of a brand like AliBaba, and think of all the A’s in the cloud computing world. Amazon, AWS, Microsoft Azure, another one is AliBaba Cloud,” he shared saying in terms of ranking, it would generally rank that way.

Fusionex see AliBaba Cloud as the only cloud provider who have committed its resources for the betterment of the region by having a physical data center in Malaysia.

“That’s a huge plus point because from a data residency stand-point, data sovereignty stand point and when you go through a checklist with a bank or an insurance company, or a stock exchange or some conglomerates here, data residency is a priority and an issue,” he pointed out.

He feels that having the data residency and data sovereignty issue a big thing in building the confidence of the people towards growing a following and having a market share in the region.

“Those are key and important criteria’s. I do think that there will be a good market for AliBaba Cloud to be able to penetrate some of the customers in this region. Coupled with the strength and reputation of Fusionex, that we help customers manage data, where Fusionex is an ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certified organisation, so data security is our bread and butter to make sure we take care of our customers data.”

Fusionex processes data from central banks, stock exchange and insurance companies amongst others and where data security is a major part of their portfolio.

“Making sure that penetration tests are taken care of, PCI compliance, audit trails, if somebody is accessing your data or syphoning the data, all these things are put in place and done by external auditors such as KPMG.”

Ivan went on to explain how SME’s could take advantage of this unique opportunity that’s presented itself in Malaysia.

“What happens if you need a thousand servers for a week or two? Wouldn’t you be happy if you hd access to a thousand servers, to process data within one week, rather than wait for that data to be processed across a thousand days?”

He added that going the thousand days route will be slow to market and inefficient not to mention the costs that would skyrocket from the human resource angle. It is clear that by looking at its feasibility and explaining the pro’s and con’s to the customer, the benefits in using speed to reach the targeted goal are many.

“By showing them the value proposition that’s crystalized and clear that allows them to try and experience it and see the security is top-notch, I believe it will sell itself.”