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Gale Unveils Analytics On Demand Dashboard, Puts Information for Data-Driven Decision Making at Public Librarians’ Fingertips


To help the nearly 10,000 U.S. public libraries better understand their communities and fulfill their missions, Gale, a Cengage company, launched a dashboard for Analytics On Demand, its easy-to-use customer intelligence tool. The new dashboard will be featured in Gale booth #2111 at the 2017 ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition, June 23-26, in Chicago.

The new dashboard allows data from Analytics On Demand to be viewed in sophisticated, interactive formats.  Customers can interact directly with the data, maps and charts, providing a fully customized experience in how they view and utilize the output.  The interactive dashboard, or selected results, can be saved and shared with colleagues, board members and other community leaders.

Analytics On Demand provides ongoing access to detailed and customizable reports that integrate library patron and collection data with information from proven external data sources, such as the U.S. Census and Experian’s Mosaic lifestyle segmentation. Public libraries can map their patrons and non-patrons at the household level with demographic data including lifestyle profiles, location, household consumption, length of residency and more. Then, based on what they learn, they can make data-driven decisions to target new populations, create programs, build their collections and better allocate budget and resources. Following the changes, the reports can be run again to see if they are making the desired impact.

Public libraries using Analytics On Demand purchase up to seven apps that allow them to visualize data through on-demand reporting with maps, charts and graphs, helping them define, measure and accomplish their library’s goals. To take this data-driven decision making to the next level using the new dashboard, libraries need to purchase three specific apps: Patron Profiles, Marketing Action–Patrons and Marketing Action-Non-Patrons.

“As communities evolve, so does what their members need and want from public libraries,” said Leigh Ann Cusack, senior director of public and consortia product, Gale. “Analytics On Demand, combined with its new interactive dashboard, puts powerful information for data-driven decision making and planning right at public library staff’s fingertips.”

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