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GENiE leading Industry IoT in Malaysia
February 3, 2020 News


Following Malaysia Industrial Automation Specialist, Galactic Advance Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Galactic), announcement of its entry into South East Asia’s key markets- Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore with its locally developed GENiE Smart Factory Solution (GENiE), Disruptive Tech ASEAN caught up with Sakthivel Narayanasamy, CEO of Galactic Advance Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd to get his views on the company’s milestone announcement and what they had to offer.


The GENiE Smart Factory is a data-driven manufacturing intelligence that combines Industrial IoT, SaaS and Machine Learning technologies to help in the reduction of production waste, increase energy saving and optimising workforce utilisation. GENiE also empowers decision making by providing predictive maintenance analysis to reduce unexpected machine failure. Its accurate data logging leads to transparency in reporting, thus eliminating the need for manual recording.


“Sudden breakdowns are the biggest enemy for production facilities. When a machine stops, productions stop as well. This leads to a loss in productivity which in the long run will have a big impact on company profits. At the same time, your overheads don’t go down as well. GENiE smart factory helps solve this problem by monitoring the machines and providing predictive decisions based on its analytics.”


Citing real examples of companies benefiting from GENiE, Sakthivel highlighted Minsawi Industries, a small food processing factory in Kuala Kangsar, about 230km from Kuala Lumpur. The factory had been experiencing breakdowns almost every week on their conveyors, which resulted in a loss of production. To solve this, they reached out to GENiE who installed their devices on the machines to monitor them.



GENiE was able to identify that the breakdowns happened due to the overuse of certain equipment. Once GENiE was installed on the machines, it was able to give signals whenever a machine was stressed or overheating. The signals can be sent to the dashboard, which can be monitored on a big screen or a mobile device in real-time. Since installing GENiE, in 2018, the factory had zero breakdowns compared to four times a month previously which not only allowed the company to save costs but also increase its productivity.


Another example cited by Sakthivel was a local tyre manufacturing company. Prior to the installation of GENiE, the company was running its hydraulic pump all the time and spent a high amount of maintenance cost annually as well as accrued downtime losses. But with GENiE installed, they were able to save energy, reduce downtime and increase profits.


Actionable Analytics


“The premise for GENiE is generating actionable analytics. GENiE is installed as a gateway on-site and connects to the automation system or IIoT sensors. It pulls data to the cloud and generates more visibility for organisations. Once organisations, especially those in the manufacturing industry, has better visibility from this data, they are able to make better decisions.”


To put it simply, GENiE obtains real process value and parameters of your operations. It comes from data acquisition, aggregating, analysing and sharing. The data is projected onto a user-friendly dashboard interface to allow continuous monitoring of processes or machinery.


The GENiE device is attached to machines to monitor the vibrations, temperature and collects other types of data. From there, the AI in the GENiE software analyses the data and gives out notifications on the dashboard or sends out alerts when there is a need. Sakthivel pointed out that the dashboard is customisable based on the organisation’s viewing priority. If they want more information, GENiE will give them that, and if they want straight forward information on outputs, they can get that too.


Interestingly, he added that what makes GENiE different from other similar IIoT device is that it has universal adapters to work with most systems. GENiE is not brand specific and does not require specific systems to operate. By having a universal adapter, it allows companies to save costs as the devices can work on their legacy systems.


“A lot of companies make systems that only support their own devices. We made our gateway universal. We are able to connect to quite a number of bus systems. Since we are not brand specific, we are immune to legacy systems as we have adapters to allows our devices to work with them. In fact, if we look at our customers, half of them are still using legacy systems while the rest are using modern systems.”


Although GENiE only measures company actionable data, Sakthivel explained that they take all the necessary precautions in ensuring the data is well encrypted. Being a cloud-based software, GENiE leverages on AWS cloud services and uses the security options that come with the service. At the same time, he added that GENiE has a built-in firewall which protects data transmission and storage. The data is often purged after a month unless companies want them to keep their data longer.


Achieving IR4.0


“Whenever we speak to our clients, cybersecurity is the least of their concerns. Most of them are only interested in the end product, which is reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity. However, we take cybersecurity seriously and ensure all data are well secured and protected to avoid any incidences.”


When dealing with clients, especially SMEs, Sakthivel explained that there had been a change in approach. In 2018, when they first launched GENiE, they had to approach clients and potential customers to explain to them what GENiE and actionable analytics is about. However, with government initiatives helping organisations achieve IR4.0, companies are now reaching out to GENiE for their services.


At the same time, funding can be an issue for some organisations, especially SMEs. This is where GENiE offers them a different approach by allowing these companies to employ GENiE in one section of their plant or factory to record the differences. From there on, the company can decide if they want to use GENiE.


“SMEs have not understood the need to move to IR4.0 in order to be sustainable. Ultimately, the devices pay for itself if implemented properly, and this should be their realisation. In order to start with IR4.0, SMEs need to know if they have a proper IT network in place or beef it up. They need to know if their machines can give data, they should have devices to collect data. You should have a place to monitor activity from hand to hand.”


With that said, GENiE already has 53 deployments in Malaysia with 2983 monitoring units. Although most of their clients are MNCs, GENiE has recently reached out to the ASEAN market. According to Sakhtivel, there is a high demand for GENiE in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam with the Philippines playing catch up. They feel the ASEAN region has a lot to offer once they’ve identified the right ecosystem partners to handle the distribution.


And its not just expansion that the company is looking for. With AI being the core of modern IoT devices, GENiE has already lined up GENiE 2.0. The current GENiE works on its own network and the with the hunger for data traffic growing, Sakthivel pointed out that GENiE 2.0 is vision-based and works fabulously on 5G networks following their internal testing.


“GENiE is ready for 5G, but 5G is not ready for GENiE,” concluded Sakthivel.