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Globe Labs, Vonage Team up to Deliver Powerful Voice Solutions to SEA Market


Vonage  announced that Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, has teamed up with Globe Labs, the innovative developer community of Globe Telecom, to deliver powerful voice solutions to the Philippine market and the rest of Southeast Asia.

These readily-available and highly-reliable voice solutions will enable businesses and enterprises to boost operational efficiency and customer support functions; increase their customer engagement and loyalty with automated, contextual and personalized messaging; and ultimately deliver much better business results.

Nexmo connects with more than 1600 carriers worldwide, and is also integrated with Vonage’s global network, which terminates 15 billion minutes of global voice traffic and more than 5 billion API calls annually. The combination of a vast carrier network and powerful APIs provides a high quality programmable voice experience.

“We’re excited to partner with Globe Labs to offer innovative voice technology solutions to businesses in the Southeast Asian market, empowering brands to connect with their customers with personalized, contextual communication,” said Sunny Rao, Vice President and General Manager, APAC for Vonage. “Advancements in voice technology, such as AI-enabled voice search and command, offer convenient, meaningful ways for customers to interact with businesses, leading to enhanced customer journeys.”

“Globe Labs, like Nexmo, share the same belief in using technology to deliver a better customer experience. In today’s digital world, Voice plays a significant role in the customer journey. With Voice, combined with Cloud Technology, AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Data Analytics, we aim to deliver business solutions with our customer’s customers in mind. Our voice solution, IVES, will provide our customers ease of use where they can build a customer journey that is unique to their business and customer needs,” said Glenn Z. Estrella, Vice President of Globe Digital Ventures which offers Globe Labs digital solutions.

To give C-level executives across various industries a glimpse of what voice technology has in store for today’s customers and how it can help elevate business performance, Globe Labs and Nexmo hosted “The Rise of Voice: Take Your Business to New Heights” at the Shangri-la the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, in the Philippines.

The event featured a dynamic slate of industry experts and an interactive product showcase highlighting how voice is changing the digital landscape for industries.

Creating richer customer experiences with voice applications

Voice is one of the key technologies shaping the business landscape today, inspiring new ways to provide convenience to customers. In the Philippines, voice search is becoming increasingly popular and is being used for search queries, weather updates, and road navigation.

Aside from making life easier for today’s customers, voice technology can also arm businesses such as BPOs, retailers, and financial companies, among others, with cutting-edge tools to enhance their profitability.

For Filipino entrepreneurs, one use case of the voice solutions enabled by Globe Labs and Nexmo is automated payment reminders to subscribers with outstanding balances. The automated payment reminder can significantly increase call-through rates that match or exceed those of traditional contact centers. As a result, users can increase collection rates as expenses related to customer support decrease.