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Hackers And Digital Disrupters Of The New Age


Digital Disruption in the analytics space has become the go-to for any organisation or start-up looking to make an impact in this new world of instant change. Major corporations are shedding their high and mighty persona’s and mingling with grassroots to discover areas of disruption ahead of the competition.

One such example can be seen recently when 2 major airlines pitted their wits against each other to organise a hackathon that brings together some of the greatest minds in the country and even throughout Asia, to look for the best thought-out innovation to enhance their services, thus attracting more clientele.

A world where the billionaire is no more, comes the world where the hacker holds the power to change the world. Their tools are nothing more than a laptop and their knowledge on writing code. The rest is based on creativity and dexterity (staying awake 24 – 48hours) breaking paradigms and disrupting business operations.

Though the term ‘hacker’ has its negative connotations, through much promotional publicity by many a government agency, it is beginning to lose its bad rep. Hackers in this space are a group of people who find new and exciting ways to address and solve a problem. Though the virus-inflicting, malicious, security-breaking hacker still exists, they are being out shone by the new and brilliant world of hackathons.

One might ask why are hackathons making such a big impact, that even large organisations are leveraging on its platform. Well, if we were to go by what Gartner believes will be the trends for 2017, then it’s a no-brainer.

As Gartner looks to focus on the emergence of the Digital Businesses across the board, it is expected machines will take on more responsibility over their human counter-parts to reduce cost of operations. Economic decisions being carried out by computing entities, increasing reliability and consistency. And the third in enhancing the customer experience, shifting the perspective of addressing customer products, goods and services to improving customer experience over-all.

The shift is all too clear. The Digital Era is disrupting the very fabric of our existence. That is precisely where the new hackers of the world fit into.

The eco-system sustaining the world of hackathons has evolved over the last 3 years through much effort from the individuals who put their heart and soul into its fruition. One such organisation is the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation(MDEC). MDEC’s use of hackathons to build the nations Big Data eco system has created numerous potential start-ups and individual interest towards its initiative to grow the nations Digital Economy.

The other organisation involved, with ambassadors (‘am-badass-adors’ as they like to call themselves) across the globe, is Angelhack. Both names are all too familiar within the community of hackers and hackerthon enthusiasts.

With prizes ranging in the ten’s of thousands, free travel, along with opportunities to work with the best-of-the-best in any industry, one would understand the appeal. Back that with a chance to bring an idea to life through building it with industry greats, and you have a real game changer for innovating and disruption.