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Hey Pandora, play something i like!
January 17, 2019 News


Music streaming online radio service Pandora is gaining its very own native voice assistant compatible with both iOS and Android system applications. Pandora’s Voice Mode, a smart assistant native to the Pandora platform lets you control your music completely hands-free.

To use the new feature, all users have to do is say “Hey Pandora,” to grab the voice assistant’s attention and then follow the greeting up with a request — not unlike speaking with the Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

Because Pandora doubles as a music recommendation service in addition to being an internet streaming platform, the way the voice assistant processes vocal requests is unique to each user thanks to Voice Mode’s combination of deep user knowledge and personalized machine learning search algorithms.

To summarize, the Pandora voice assistant can handle five main types of requests: control, thematic, open-ended, basic, and interactive requests.

From basic navigation commands like changing stations, adjusting the volume, or pausing the music to open-ended requests like “play something different” or “play something I like,” Voice Mode should be able to handle it all while tailoring the results to you.

As the feature rolls out over the next couple of weeks, users will notice a small microphone icon placed in the top right corner of the application for both iOS and Android-powered devices. If you see this, then that’s it — you can now control the application with your voice.

The platform’s ability to understand individual users’ preferences, which is employed in Voice Mode, is result of Pandora’s Music Genome, “the richest dataset of music-listening information in the world;” the project began tracking user relationships with music over ten years ago, thus creating one of the most comprehensive and personalized music recommendation platforms on the market.

Continue to update your application to the latest version over the next few weeks to gain access to the feature.