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Hitachi Introduces Variety of Smart Solutions to Address Challenges for Customers in Thailand
February 11, 2020 News


Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Asia Ltd. showcases a range of smart solutions at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2020 BANGKOK, reflecting a continuous commitment to help address challenges for customers in Thailand.

Leaders from the public and private sectors are brought together in the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum (HSIF),  Hitachi’s global flagship event, aimed at deepening awareness of its Social Innovation Business across the region. The theme is “Powering Good, Powering Thailand”. The forum this year, will feature technologies for realising smart manufacturing, smart cities, and smart finance to contribute to ‘Thailand 4.0′. The one-day event includes a panel discussion on how social innovation can improve humans’ quality of life, focusing on digital transformation in manufacturing and smart city services, and a presentation on the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play in our pursuit of happiness by Dr. Kazuo Yano, Fellow of Hitachi, Ltd. and AI expert.

Mr. Yoshito Kodama, Managing Director of Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said: “We will continue to promote the use of digital technologies through new projects and carry on powering good in Thailand. We officially launched the Lumada Center Southeast Asia in 2018, and in the coming years, we aim to take part in more collaborative discussions to solve further challenges. In support of the nation-wide push for ‘Thailand 4.0’, we aim to create real impact on society as we work with our customers and partners to build a value-based, digital economy together.”

Hitachi will continue to work with its partners to create customised digital solutions benefiting the local community and contribute in achieving ‘Thailand 4.0’, with the commitment in building developmental initiatives rolled out by the Thailand government towards forging a smart, value-based economy.