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Hortonworks Announces Collaboration with Republic Polytechnic to Help Address Data Sector Skills Shortage


Hortonworks, Inc.  signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic.

The MOU, signed by Hortonworks and Republic Polytechnic, covers the intention of the two parties to develop a framework for co-operation in the areas of big data, data management, data science and machine learning.

Potential collaborations include providing a platform for industry partners to engage Republic Polytechnic staff and students in industry project development involving Hortonworks’ technologies. The agreement further addresses the potential of developing and preparing Republic Polytechnic students for high-value jobs through certification training and incorporation of Hortonworks’ technologies into Republic Polytechnic’s IT curriculum, where applicable.

“Republic Polytechnic regularly reviews the breadth and depth of its curriculum to ensure that our students are ready for the new digital economy. This collaboration with Hortonworks will allow our students to deepen their skills in data analytics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which are highly sought after in the industry,” said Mr. Ashley Chua, senior director of industry services and skills future at Republic Polytechnic.

“We are proud to sign this Memorandum Of Understanding with Republic Polytechnic,” said Mr. Kamal Brar, vice president and general manager of Hortonworks APAC and Middle-East. “This initiative is consistent with Hortonworks’ commitment to work with tertiary institutions to advance competence and capabilities in data science. Our partnership with Republic Polytechnic will help us develop the next generation of data heroes.”

Under the terms of the Memorandum, Hortonworks may provide Republic Polytechnic with annual sponsorship for academic awards including a Scholarship Award, as well as Diploma Prizes and Book Prizes. The relationship allows for the potential attachment of up to two Republic Polytechnic staff per year to Hortonworks, and also provides for possible campus tours of the company’s international offices and development centres for Republic Polytechnic students.

Subject to mutual agreement, Hortonworks may use Republic Polytechnic as a test bed for their data management technology products, and the two parties may develop staff projects in the domain of IoT, AI and Data Analytics.

The Memorandum Of Understanding is effective for a period of three years from the date of signing, and may be extended by mutual agreement.